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DW9116 Charger For Other Country's Electricity Standard?


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Hello people. Since it was lucrative, i have bought DC970K-2 model from Amazon and want to use it with its charger DW9116 in Israel (220V-230V 50Hz) but the problem is that charger is intended for use with USA electricity standard.

Is there a way that DeWalt could send me appropriate charger or exchange it for one that came with product?

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you can buy appropriate charger for 220v at ebay or from the local dealer.

P.S. I have dc9310 charger. It is desined for 120v AC.

It seems that most components in charger are universal. Only one capacitor was rated for 200v. And this capacitor heating very fast.

I changed capacitor from 200v to 350v. And it is work fine in Ukraine (220v AC).

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I don't have electrician's knowledge.

You have never done any soldering? The de-soldering of the original capacitor would be the hard part.

It isn't too hard. If Israel is 230V, you might want to consider a 400V capacitor, not 350V to give you more headroom.

(The capacitor has to be well above 230V because the 230V is AC and given as an RMS value - it actually goes higher than 230V during the cycle, whereas the capacitor is DC)

The capacitor in question is a 100uf capacitor in my US model DW9116, in case anyone was wondering.

panariga: Did you replace the 100uf with another 100uf or a 47uf?

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panariga: Did you replace the 100uf with another 100uf or a 47uf?

I replaced 330uf 200v with 330uf 350v in my dc9135 (NiCD & Li-Ion charger)

400v will not fit in dc9135 case

Now voltages at battery contacts ok, but I observe great spark when inserting plug in AC socket. Also light bulbs in garage (wiring there nor really good) are blinking synchronous with charger diode)))

So i think about changing capacitor to something different. May be more capacity and lower voltage

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I forgot one very important thing.

I bought charger and battery separate. So first time I use this device for charging http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=7028

At max output current 6A it charged dc9180 18V 2Ah Li-ion battery in 22 minutes (current drops down slowly in second part of charging process). Original Dewalt charger takes about 1 hour.

Universal charger also can discharge battery and measure real capacity in mAh.

Discharge function is very important for NiCd batteries.

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