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Smoking Bosch Wormdrive Saw - Thoughts?


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I own the Bosch wormdrive circular saw (Model 1677M) and while under heavy load the motor started to smoke.

The saw continues to run and seems fine (not smoking) but I'm wondering the following:

1) Has the saw likely been damaged?

2) Is power output now going to be reduced?

3) Will it wear out sooner?

4) What actually smokes in an electric motor under too high a load?

Thanks in advance!

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Bosch is a great saw. Is that an older model. I am suprised to see a problem with the Bosch. A saw should not smoke, so my guess is it is damaged. Anytime you have smoke, you are going to have friction which means a loss of power and will cause it to wear out a lot sooner. Now you could have a problem with the motor. Have you oiled the motor. Usually worm drives have a splace for oil which is easy to add. try this first. The connection, usually copper and that is what could be smoking. If the oil doesn't take care of it, try to blow it out with a compressor, you might just have saw dust in the motor. If this doesn't work, let me know and we can try some other stuff.

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