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  1. New Ryobi Tools

    I saw these a few days ago, and I'm pretty sure I fell in love with the idea of a pool vac that runs on Ryobi batteries. My mind instantly started trying to find excuses to give the wife as to why we need the new Ryobi pool vac...
  2. Milwaukee 15 gauge fuel nailer jammed

    I hate to ask the stupid questions but somebody has to... Good battery, nails in the gun, etc.? My AirStrike won't fire if there only two or three nails in it, keeps it from firing blanks I guess. The plunger/ram/whatever you call it stays up until you load more nails. Is it possible the Milwaukee is the same?
  3. The stuff we throw away at work...

    Nobody said it was dangerous. We are allowed to go through the stuff that gets returned and anything good we use in the shop. Saves the company money in the long run. If something is supposed to get destroyed in field whoever makes that decision wouldn't know because they don't ask for it back.
  4. The stuff we throw away at work...

    Nope, can't take anything home. Until it's out of the building in the scrap bins, the compactor, etc., it still belongs to the company. Luckily though we can use stuff in the shop, which means we save a ton of money for the company by using the tools and stuff that gets tossed. Gotta blame the vendors and manufacturers for that, we just do what they tell us. They want a product back, we ship it back. They want it destroyed in field, we destroy it. It's sad but it's a fact of life for companies these days. I don't complain, probably 95% of the tools we use in the shop came from returns and they're perfectly good. Best part is when I break a tool I can just walk over to the scrap bins and toss it in and I never have to worry about any lost money. I used the impact yesterday for some stuff, pulling wheels and wheel hubs off of a stockchaser and doing lugs on a forklift...very, very nice gun. A ton of power, a great amount of control. Didn't experience any kick at all, and the brake stops when you let go of the trigger. Variable-speed trigger takes a little getting used to, never had one on an impact before, seems kinda weird at first. But, it's a great impact. Paired with the Sunex impact sockets I have it's a fantastic tool to use.
  5. The stuff we throw away at work...

    No, not at all. I just wasn’t ready for the power and let it get away a little bit. Even an impact with good kickback control will still have a little snap to it when the nut stops. It’s defintiely a quality tool, the moron using it was the problem.
  6. ...makes me want to murder someone sometimes. I've seen a lot of great stuff get tossed at work but today takes the cake. Brand new, still in the baggie...IR W7150-K2...and it is an absolute BEAST!!! Came with two 20v 3.0Ah batteries, and fully charged this thing will twist your arm if you're not careful. Any time I get an impact at work I test it out on the frame anchors by my bench. Normally an impact will loosen the nut, then tighten it with decent force. This thing tightened the nut enough to whip my arm, if I wasn't strong it could have caused me some serious pain. It's a beautiful impact for sure, and powerful as all get-out. If I take my phone into the shop tomorrow I'll snap some photos of it. Frickin' brand new, clean as a whistle, nothing wrong with it. Screw it, it's brand new and in perfect shape...lets. throw it away.
  7. Need help shopping for tools

    Buy Ryobi and be done with it. You'll find that it's a very capable brand, it's cheap, and it's anywhere a Home Depot is. They have every tool you could need or want, and you won't have to worry about different batteries for different tools. If someone steals them you're not out a ton of money. Buy a few kits so you get tools, batteries, and chargers, then pick up a few sets of the 4Ah batteries.
  8. I actually use several of these every day, multiple times a day. They come in super-handy and hold all of the bits I need for the day. A little more bulky than the standard Klein-type, but very, very useful. I use them for electrical all the time, never have any issues and the bits work great. The only difference in the stock one and mine is that I replaced a lot of the bits with the same size in a security-style bit for those applications.
  9. I haven't had that problem yet...
  10. Ryobi has 18v sanders, corner cat, ROS, and quarter-sheet...just sayin'
  11. Garage to Work Shop Conversion

    Is this a Sunex set? Looks exactly like the sets we sell, I’ve got one on my tool cart like this in metric.
  12. You can destroy a camera sensor by aiming a laser at it...just an FYI...
  13. Was doodling while watching tv, decided to turn the doodle into a reality. Not finished yet, gotta smooth it out and paint it...
  14. Rigid black tools ?

    if you guys are looking for this kit someone on GJ posted that it's marked to $299 now...just an FYI