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  1. Thanks Jeff, however I'm looking for a cutter that would work on several types of tubes diameter...
  2. Hi guys, I'm in the market for a good copper tube cutter. I've been in situations where I couldn't cut a tube properly (close quarter, too close to a wall...etc...) and the hacksaw blade isn't the best solution. I know the Milwaukee rotating cutter is amazing but I'm looking for a hand tool, not a power tool (not yet..hahahah) So far, I'm considering the ones below: http://www.nerradtools.com/index.php/cutters/nt40#nt4023 http://www.beta-tools.com/catalog/articles/view/331L/__lang_en/__catlang_en/__catalog_beta/__filters_ I know the two above have been rebranded and rebadged to death. I don't really know who is the OEM manufacturer but I'm open to any suggestion !
  3. Hi grumpy, I think the Festool impact driver has been discontinued
  4. Thanks guys. Focusing on the main tool makes perfect sense. So far, 100% of my cordless powertools are Festool. I have a Mafell corded jigsaw so that doesn't count. Don't really know why but I have a soft spot for: Makita, Bosch, Festool and Mafell. Never been a huge fan of Dewalt (don't like yellow [emoji53]) or Milwaukee
  5. Or Home Depot [emoji28][emoji56][emoji56][emoji56]
  6. Hello everybody, Well the title sums it up. Let's say I'm in the market for a jobsite light, a radio and an impact driver. Let's say I will go for a Makita impact driver, would that push me to take advantage of the batteries then buying a Makita radio and a Makita light since I'll be able to swap the batteries ? The same process would apply to any manufacturers. I would like to avoid buying 3 tools and ending up with 3 new chargers [emoji53] but what are the odds ? Shall I get a tool a really like in the first place or try to stick to ONE tool manufacturer ? I'm a bit puzzled. [emoji43] Thanks for your help and input.
  7. 33 feet... Stabila: http://www.stabila.de/cms/front_content.php?idart=96 http://www.stabila.com/products/tape-measures/us-measures BMI: http://www.bmi.de/en/products-frame-capsule-tapes.php Vogel: https://shop.vogel-germany.de/Tape-Measures--Spirit-Levels--Laser-Distance-Meters--Stopwatches/Measuring-Tapes/ My three favorite brands for measuring products. The BMI will outlast you. Try Hultafors too: http://www.hultafors.com/hand-tools/measuring/tape-measures/ I've been super happy with their tools so far.
  8. Got these when I'm working on some heavy duty applications : http://www.uvex-safety.com/en/products/safety-glasses/safety-eyewear-goggles-glasses-spectacles/model/37/modelName/uvex-ultrasonic/ and those for regular tasks: http://www.bollesafety.us/en/safety-spectacles/cobra-cobfspsi
  9. Hi guys, I'll be visiting a friend in Boston from 14 until 18 june and then going to NYC from 19 until 21 june. Because of some crazy legal / OSHA certifications BS , and so on, they are not sold in Europe. I heard very good things about Keen work boots and I would like to give 'em a try. If you had a good experience with any of their models, let me know. Alternatively, if you have any good tools / hardware / workwear stores you would recommand in the Boston and NYC area then I'm all ears ! Many thanks. H
  10. Too bad I don't have any Hitachi tools but I'd love to give this radio a try. However, the Bosch radio GML 20 / GML50 is really growing on me.
  11. Yeah, you can't beat 3M. I have a Peltor 3 myself. A bit heavy but the absolute best when I'm using high pitch / high volume machines. If I had to do it again, I'd probably take the Peltor 2 which would be enough I think
  12. I know that Mafell power drills are nothing more than rebranded Metabo's, so my guess is that Metabo should be rather good, Mafell not willing to take any risk on that. Having said that, I wouldn't go for a Metabo power tool except for their grinding tools...they have Uh-Mazing grinding tools lineup.
  13. Ear protection means...ear protection, meaning absorbing certain sound frequencies and high dB. Headphones don't and won't do that and you'll be deaf in no time. Do yourself a favor and get a something decent from 3M: http://www.3m.com/3M/en_US/company-us/all-3m-products/~/All-3M-Products/Personal-Protective-Equipment/Hearing-Protection/Safety/Worker-Health-Safety/?N=5002385+8709322+8711017+8711405+8720539+8720546+3292438133+3294857497&rt=r3 or: http://www.3m.com/3M/en_US/company-us/all-3m-products/~/All-3M-Products/Personal-Protective-Equipment/Hearing-Protection/Safety/Worker-Health-Safety/Banded-Earplugs/?N=5002385+8709322+8711017+8711405+8720539+8720546+8720745+3292438133+3294857497&rt=r3
  14. Ok so there is no manufacturer that is willing to implement this cool and clever feature: recharge the battery while pluged-in.
  15. The thing with batteries is that they involve a major recycling process. I sometimes think a corded tool is more eco friendly
  16. Thanks Chris, But I think the tripod thing sometimes really helps.
  17. Will it charge the battery inside if /when plugged ?
  18. I really this Makita light though...I was thinking of buying the Festool light but the tag price really put me off quite a bit. What do you guys use in terms of jobsite lighting devices ?
  19. In the meantime, each to his own and we don't necessarily buy four Dominoes or six TS55, so "Buy once, cry once".
  20. Hi guys, As we all know, cordless tools are great. Powerful and some batteries seem to last forever but I'm guessing the weak link is always the cells inside the batteries. The batteries will always be as good as its cells. I'm guessing that reputable cells manufacturers such as Panasonic and Sanyo would probably manufacture dedicated cells for most of the powertools brands. Do you guys have any input on what type / quality cells brands are using ? Thanks
  21. I'd get a Mercedes Vito full options for the rainy days, and a pimped Ford Raptor F150 for the sunny days. Ah yes, and since there will be several millions left, I wouldn't say know to a supersized shop with a built in garage (for the Vito, the Raptor and their possible brothers and sisters ). And while there are (still) millions left, a nice and friendly visit to buy one or two things from FELDER and a kickass 5-axis CNC milling machine with a super knowledgable guy to operate it.
  22. Too: http://www.hultafors.co.uk/hand-tools/cutting/chisels/chisel-edc/
  23. If not: http://www.hultafors.co.uk/hand-tools/cutting/chisels/chisel-hdc/
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