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  1. i was going to turn my 1952 table saw into a job site saw like you see at homedepot. i was wondering if bosch or dewalt mobile stand would work?
  2. so i got the sawstop contractor saw for my b-day last month love it. i was thinking turning the old one into a job site saw (like desalts saws) for my work or i need a table saw for a family house . could this work? the base is 13X15 i know i will need a piece of wood for the motor
  3. the smell seems to be from the belt or the motor. there are new bearings in the motor. (but its still is a 65 year old motor) new bearings or not. i did not replace the original pulleys because they looked fine. the video i uploaded did not have a blade attach to it once i add the blade the belt did not wobble .
  4. i also get a burning like small when i cut the wood
  5. as i was truing up the ends on my cutting board to make it into an end grain cutting board the belt slipped off. as most of you know i put on a new belt. why would it slip off? i have notice after making a few cuts the belt is pretty warm to the touch. also if this matter is the motor is also very hot. there is not bearings behind the saw blade. im 99.9% sure i installed it on the pulley correctly because you can tell when its not on the pulley.
  6. i have a small shop. i want a thickness planer relatively cheap.(300-600) what is a good one to buy? or should i buy a jointer/planer combo.
  7. i have a craftsman lt2000 lawn tractor from 2009. the last time we change the battery was 2011. for the past 2 years (2015-2016) we have been needed to jump start the battery to get it going. if we need to shut it off for to move something it will start up fine. i just put my multimeter to the battery and got 12.2v. what could be causing this?
  8. i have my first project with my table saw. the instructions says to set the rip fence to 1 1/2in i do not have a tape measure on my saw like you see on a Stopsaw, so how will i be able to do this
  9. why does my trunnion tilt when in lock position? i have lubricate 3 time. there is a screw that goes through the middle to hold it. if i over tighten the bolt it will not tilt
  10. i am trying to make the blade at 90 degrees to do so i have to move the screws any tips to move it. i have tried wd-40 with no luck ( it would not let me upload the pic but i got one from the manual)
  11. it could just be the concrete floor is not smooth.
  12. the whole unit wobbles a lot. if you put something like a mallet on the table top you can see it jumping around
  13. i mad a cut in early april. i have notice that it vibrate a lot and it does move a little. do you think using leveling feet or screwing the base to the floor will help it not move. the fence is a piece of junk but it works
  14. just got my parts in. i got the ext. wing, blade guard, and dado insert.
  15. i just bought the missing wing and blade guard very happy pics will be add when they come
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