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  1. D W

    What tools did you buy today?

    A couple of orders from Japan. Another mini ratchet (Vessel) and a Komelon tape measure. I'm finding Vessel are very good value for money. Their philips/jis screwdrivers are great. We'll see how the ratchet is. I already have the yellow version of this Komelon but I wanted a spare. My favourite tape.
  2. D W

    Why Ryobi? Why Not?

    Way too expensive in Australia. Not far from Makita and Dewalt prices.
  3. D W

    Dewalt slim 3ah and Ryobi 6ah...what ?

    I like the 3.0s. What's the dimensions (W x L)? They'd be great for the OMT.
  4. D W

    2x20V lawn mower

  5. D W

    Why Ridgid (AEG)? Why Not?

    In Australia, AEG can only be bought from Bunnings. They're too expensive (priced higher than Dewalt and Makita) and their range is limited. I don't think there's many reasons to buy their line when the others are more available and at a lower price.
  6. D W

    Why DeWalt? Why Not?

    First it was their OMT. I sold my Metabo OMT to get it. The trigger style was mostly appealing, but it also weighed a lot less than the Metabo. Then once I was into the line, I started looking at the other tools and eventually got a DCD796 hammer drill. I didn't need it, I already owned 2 other drills, but the ergonomics felt great and I just couldn't leave the store without it. Since then, I always try to get a tool in Dewalt first, but also have Metabo and Makita. The ergonomics and build quality are great. I also don't mind the yellow colour anymore (I prefer it over the teal, but not over the Metabo forest green or Makita black). I don't really know why, but I love using all the Dewalt tools I have. It might sound weird to say, but Dewalt tools seem more like a working tool than other brands. Pros: -Ergonomics -Build quality -Availability -Tool release frequency (not too often, not too infrequent) -Lightweight tools relative to other brands -High performing tools, often in the top 2 Cons: -Build quality can be randomly poor sometimes? (I bought a made in Mexico DCD791 that was terrible) -No decent 12V line -Batteries work fine but look cheap and toy like -Now have an air cooled charger but it's not on the same level of technology as Makita and Metabo (who can circulate air through the inside of the batteries) I'm sure I'll think of more later.
  7. D W

    Cordless rotary tool opinions

    Yeah that would be great. A rotary tool would be super lightweight and compact without the battery attached to it. That approach would make a far better soldering iron. The battery part could have a stand/holder attached to sit the gun in.
  8. D W

    Cordless rotary tool opinions

    It would be interesting to see what power could be had from larger cells in 12V. On the topic of slide pack choice in 12V, I'm really hoping Dewalt announces new 12V tools soon. I'd definitely buy a brushless 12V drill from them. I wonder if Makita will ever bring a rotary tool to their CXT range. Here's a photo of a slide pack rotary tool (Ozito brand from Bunnings). It looks odd, but it might still have the same balance as one with a pod battery (the 3 cells are still on the end of the tool). Being shorter perhaps it's actually better balanced.
  9. D W

    Cordless rotary tool opinions

    Thanks for the comments guys. I bought a 68c reducer from Ebay to use for the Dewalt 20V die grinder so I could use Dremel bits. It work's quite well actually. Just too long a tool. Put a 12V rotary side-by-side with the die grinder and there would be a huge difference in size. I don't know what I was thinking. I do more "rotary tool" tasks than "die grinder" tasks. I have Bosch 12V already. I'm always seeking a reason to go M12 so I can get that soldering iron.
  10. D W

    6 year warranty

    Not sure, I'll find some details and have a read. All I've noticed is the online products are saying 6 year tool and battery.
  11. D W

    6 year warranty

    Bosch now seems to be offering a 6 year warranty on tools and batteries in Australia. Anywhere else?
  12. D W

    Metabo brushless impact driver

    This is now available in Australia. $329 AUD for the bare tool.
  13. I'm trying to make a decision about getting a cordless rotary tool. I don't need one immediately, but there's a great deal on a Bosch 12V at the moment. Can anyone comment on how soon they think a brushless version might come out from either Milwaukee or Bosch? Any thoughts on the two existing brushed models? How long have they been out? Brushless isn't necessary, but if one could be likely just around the corner I'll ignore the deal and wait a bit longer. I'm talking 6-12 months is ok. I recently got the 20V Dewalt die grinder but I'm finding it's not as practical as I thought (often too long). I had plans for it to be the go-to for both die grinding and rotary tool tasks.
  14. D W

    Saying "Bye" to Old Tools

    I've had exactly the same experience in Australia. I couldn't sell a few batteries until I dropped the price to a point where it was too good to ignore. It took me 6 weeks to sell a Metabo battery that had only done 5 charge cycles and had one minor scratch on the bottom, and I had to sell it for 1/3 of the price of a new one (shipping included!). I'd say Milwaukee and Dewalt would sell much easier than Metabo. I'm actually surprised how well Ebay works for tools in Australia, we only have a population of 24 million.
  15. D W

    Saying "Bye" to Old Tools

    +1 for Ebay. I've sold a heap on there. It's a great fund raiser for new tools.