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  1. D W

    Battery release buttons

    I find the awkwardness with the Metabo release comes from the need to always use 2 hands to get the battery off (one for the the button, the other to slide the battery). Maybe there's people that can do it with 1 hand, but every other style can definitely be done with 1 hand.
  2. D W

    Battery release buttons

    For a time I did prefer it over the others. It feels more durable. Metabo was the first cordless brand I owned so perhaps I just got used to it. I still like it but I find it hard to decide which is my favourite style between Makita and Metabo. I slightly prefer the single front button on 20V/18V Dewalt, Bosch, and Makita over the Milwaukee and Hitachi/Hikoki side buttons.
  3. D W

    Hitachi multivolt

    Quality is really, really good on the recip saw and circular saw. They feel solid and well made, especially the recip saw. Both very smooth running. I'm especially keen to get the slide switch grinder when it's available here. But, there's something I don't like about the brushless motors from Hitachi/Hikoki; for whatever reason, they are the loudest motors I've used. This includes their 18V and new Multivolt (they all sound very similar). They all seem to have a deep tone that sounds like it's resonating exactly at some harmonic to be so loud. The worst is the 18V DS18DBFL2 compact drill. That thing is loud!
  4. D W

    Milwaukee to makita battery

    Check ebay. There's an Australian seller that uses a 3D printer to make these. Last time I looked he had one for Makita batteries on Bosch tools and a few other combinations I can't remember.
  5. D W

    Hitachi multivolt

  6. D W

    Dewalt Battery logo

    Likely a new batch, that's the recent styling. Same battery though.
  7. D W

    New Makita 12V Max CXT Inflator

    I've used a strip of velcro cable organiser to keep safety triggers depressed (Dewalt 20V die grinder and Metabo 18V recip saw). One side of the strip is the "hooks" and the other the "loops". All you have to do is wrap it around.
  8. D W

    Hitachi multivolt

    PTR have a review of the circular saw: https://www.protoolreviews.com/trades/carpentry/metabo-hpt-multivolt-circular-saw/43019/ The final score was let down by the value (too expensive). $359 USD is insane pricing! It's $389 AUD here in Australia, plus they had a recent offer with a free MV battery, so we Aussies are actually getting something cheaper than in the US. They also mentioned it's 3lbs lighter than the M18 Fuel. Pros Excellent build quality Automatic speed control mode conserves battery life and runs quieter in niche applications Outperforms our corded worm drive Lightest among the Cordless Supersaws AC or DC power without switching saws Cons Secondary handle is too small Very expensive at $359 bare No kit options currently available
  9. D W

    Hikoki Quiet Drive impact driver

    I've seen those on eBay but the last time I looked they were $700! Looks great!
  10. D W

    Hitachi multivolt

    Multivolt 7 1/4 inch circular saw. Very smooth running and high quality. I've never owned a cordless circular saw so I can't comment on much else. Specs say the cut depth is 62mm. It feels sturdy and the silent mode is a lot less noise. The motor seems compact compared to others. A Multivolt version of the 165mm 18V deep cut saw is out there apparently (NZ), and that saw does 66mm cut depth.
  11. D W

    What tools did you buy today?

    Hikoki 36V 7 1/4 inch circular saw.
  12. D W

    What tools did you buy today?

    One is the 18V version I got a few months ago. I should have posted a photo of the 36V only but I forgot to take one. It's practically still brand new/hardly used. They look very similar, especially the grips.
  13. D W

    Hitachi multivolt

    The reciprocating saw has arrived. I haven't used it yet but it feels very smooth and very powerful! The vibration control seems to be doing a great job, just holding it in hand shows it has MUCH less vibration than the 18V version. The 18V is supposed to be a low vibration saw, but I have doubts it actually is compared to most. My previous 18V brushed Metabo had less. The 36V is also noticeably heavier and louder than the 18V but not much bigger overall. The trigger is very smooth easy to pull (like all the Hitachi triggers I've used). The LED can be toggled to remain on at all times.
  14. D W

    What tools did you buy today?

    Hikoki 36V multivolt reciprocating saw.