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  1. D W

    Hitachi multivolt

    And here it is, the multivolt reciprocating saw. Damn, I just bought the 18V version 😕 See the video below for a comparison. The 36V is a monster. It looks a lot more powerful than the 18V and it rips through wood. Although bigger and heavier for sure. Perhaps there's enough difference to justify getting both 😉 4.5kg with a 32mm stroke at 3,000spm. That's the same stroke length and spm as the Milwaukee super sawzall but a whole kg lighter (5.5kg for Milwaukee). It's also 89mm shorter (457mm vs 546mm). This could be the new king of recip saws. I don't think I've seen a recip saw cut wood faster than in that video. https://www.hitachi-koki.co.jp/powertools/pro/cutter/cr36da/cr36da.html https://www.hikoki-powertools.co.uk/products/cr36da
  2. D W

    What tools did you buy today?

    Hitachi CR18DBL brushless 18V reciprocating saw. For some unknown reason my 18V Metabo simply stopped working. I couldn't wait any longer without having a full size saw. Rumours of a 36V Multivolt with orbital action are out there, but let's hope it's not for a while so I haven't wasted money on buying this one (I'd 100% prefer a 36V version). This is very compact and lightweight and the trigger is great.
  3. D W

    Cordless rotary tool opinions

    That's a good point. I've never considered RPM limitations for brushless. The highest I'm aware of is the Dewalt 20V brushless die grinder and brushless multitool that both do 20,000+ rpm. I've chosen and bought the Bosch rotary tool. Great tool. I'll have to try and get a bigger battery. I only have a 1.3ah.
  4. D W

    Hitachi multivolt

    1100Nm (812ft-lbs) Impact Wrench with 1800Nm nut busting torque. http://www.hitachi-koki.com/powertools/products/li_ion/wr36da/wr36da.html
  5. D W

    Tool Clip NUTS! Size ?

    Great idea. I'll do this. Are they hard to remove?
  6. D W

    Hitachi multivolt

    Can anyone confirm if they are actually coming out with a 36V multivolt reciprocating saw? I've read it on Toolguyd and Pro tool reviews but haven't seen a single promo image/video of it. PTR says it's supposed to have orbital action. My full size Metabo 18V reciprocating saw died recently so I need a new one ASAP. If I can't be confident of a multivolt within the first release of tools I'll just get the current 18V brushless (CR18DBL). I can't wait too long unfortunately. Makita is also an option but I've hated the angle of the grip when trying it in store.
  7. D W

    DCS577 Rear Handled Circ Saw Australia

    Not really. I haven't actually checked with Dewalt. I've just been told by someone I know. They might be wrong (hopefully so). Good to hear it's OK in Finland.
  8. A lot of torque for it's size! Impressive. Weight is 3.2lbs (1.45Kg) tool only, according to Milwaukee.
  9. D W

    What a perfect little systainer

    Looks great! Everything fits well. I've been planning a similar, but not quite as good set-up to do this weekend. I have a Bosch L-boxx but not sure what I'll do for an insert. I have padded bags so I'll probably just put the tools inside of them and throw them in the L-boxx along with driving and drill bits.
  10. D W

    Why Milwaukee? Why Not?

    That's right, and what @Bremon said. Most Hitachi owners are probably more likely to be OK with buying a new battery because their old ones don't have any gauges! I was incorrect in saying Multivolt "can draw high amp at 18V like Milwaukee". They likely can't because they only have 10 cells and not 15 like Milwaukee does (5 more cells to draw from at the same time). It would be better compared with Metabo LiHD (10 big cells).
  11. D W

    2x20V lawn mower

    It looks like we get a better kit. In Australia it's bundled with 2x6ah Flexvolt batteries and the yellow fast charger. $869 AUD.
  12. D W

    Why Milwaukee? Why Not?

    I think Hitachi will possibly have the best approach with Multivolt. They've got so many options with this platform. They have bigger cells so they can draw high amp at 18V like Milwaukee, or they can use the same battery and go 36V. They can also double up batteries like Makita and go 72V. Plus, they have the fastest charger of all the brands (38 minutes for 6ah). The MV pack is 10 cell so it's not a behemoth like the M18 12ah and Flexvolts, so you would definitely use them on drills and impacts. Runtime could be the trade-off for Hitachi, but I'd rather change batteries more often than have extra size and weight with 15 cells or 2 packs on the tool. I still think all brands should have just released new high voltage battery platforms.
  13. D W

    Why DeWalt? Why Not?

    Did you know that every brand does the same thing with their 12V marketing? It's 10.8V nominal and 12V max. M10.8 doesn't have the same buzz that M12 does. Milwaukee is the worst offender. At least Makita and Bosch use "12V Max", Milwaukee just claim 12V. I know they all deceive to some degree, but Dewalt are angels compared to Milwaukee.
  14. D W

    Hitachi multivolt

    They've done a great job keeping the batteries compact.
  15. D W

    Hitachi multivolt

    Just another photo I found: