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  1. D W

    How do you guys store bare tools?

    I put cordless tools in padded postal bags (bubble wrap bags). Then I can throw them in modular tool boxes without getting all scratched up. They're quite heavy duty bags actually. Ideally i'd use foam or dividers but that approach is too expensive.
  2. D W

    Milwaukee Lithium Ion Battery Maintence

    I noticed this with a new 3ah compact Hitachi. Absolutely terrible run time at first. It's was drilling around 20 holes then the tool would show the battery already empty. Its running great now after 4 or 5 charges. I've only had this happen with this one particular Hitachi battery. I neary threw it away thinking it was faulty!
  3. D W

    Milwaukee Lithium Ion Battery Maintence

    I'm glad you asked this question @Firefighter1406. This is something I also want to know. I haven't had a lot of time for anything since starting a family, so all of my batteries have been sitting idle for months. I believe some of them might even be unused for 8-9 months. I used to always keep them fully charged but I once read something about the half charge rule so I just started doing that instead. I prefer the full charge as I can always grab a full battery when I need it. That's a good point about the labelling @method. I vaguely recall reading a manual saying something about temperature (it might have been Hitachi) but nothing about storing at certain charge levels. Like you said, there'd probably be something on the battery itself.
  4. D W

    Chain saw sharpener

    I'm also a filer but I use a jig to get the correct angles consistently. I'm just not skilled enough to do a good job without it. I can't remember what it's called, but it basically uses rollers to keep the file moving at the correct angle.
  5. Interesting to see these two compared.
  6. D W

    Switching from Milwuakee to Dewalt?..

    Milwaukee are also significantly more expensive in Australia. I'd say Dewalt are the lowest priced here, followed closely by Makita. Hitachi/Hikoki are almost as bad as Milwaukee. I'd change just to experience something new. New tools, new platform, and Dewalt ergonomics are hard to beat.
  7. D W

    Cordless die grinder feedback DCG426

    It had vibration all the time, even when no bits were used. It must have been faulty. It honestly felt just like using the multitool, or any multitool. I'm a big fan of the trigger style grip Dewalt is using on the multitool, die grinder, and flexvolt grinder. I wish one of their new brushless 18V angle grinders had it (I am aware of the old brushed version).
  8. D W

    Cordless die grinder feedback DCG426

    I used to own the Dewalt 18V die grinder but ended up selling it and getting a 12V Bosch rotary tool. I just needed something smaller. I got mine when they first released. It was $279 AUD from Gettoolsdirect. I agree with the performance, it has plenty of power and the variable speed is great! I really liked it other than the length and safety switch. Very good LED lighting as well. Mine had a fair bit of vibration. It actually had about the same amount as my cordless Dewalt multitool. Maybe something was wrong with it. How's the vibration on yours @method?
  9. D W


    You've probably got a bad Hilti battery. One of my new 3.0ah Hitachi batteries charges from flat to full in only 5 minutes! Hitachi have very fast fan cooled chargers, but I'm going to use common sense in this case. It's a bad battery. It likely ran too flat while in storage. I've had the same happen with individual 18650 cells I use for flashlights.
  10. D W

    What tools did you buy today?

    My first Lufkin tape. I'm quite impressed. Build quality feels great. The blade is a little too curved compared to other tapes I have, but I guess that's where the 3.5m standout comes from. Blade printing is not a good as a Japanese tape but better than the Stanley tapes I own. The lock switch is great on this. Very easy to use. Just like rocking a light switch as opposed to sliding it. I like it. And....great to buy an Australian made tool! The only Aussie tool I own.
  11. D W

    Japanese tape measures

    A built in sharpener is a great idea. Those fastcaps look pretty good. I agree about the Komelon self locks, I don't think my 3.5m is anywhere near the durability of a Fatmax. It feels extremely high quality though, the spring is super smooth and I'd rate the blade as the best out of all my tapes (far ahead actually). I've spent way too much and ordered a few different models from Joybuy, Ebay, and Rakuten (via translation): - Deli 5m x 25mm auto lock - Komelon 5.5m x 25mm self lock chrome - Kaidan 5.5m x 25mm auto lock pro (pictured above) - Shinwa 5.5m x 25mm tough gear self stop
  12. D W

    Metabo HPT dual volt...ac or DC tools

    I've noticed that tab as well. I have the 18V version and I figured maybe it's so any leaning on the back of the saw (to push it hard onto the shoe) does not transfer to the battery and it's clips. If that's the case, then it's a good feature. Otherwise all that forward pressure will go onto the battery clip mechanism (like you're forcibly trying to remove the battery without pressing the release buttons). Their angle grinders also have that tab. Multivolt looks great.
  13. Hitachi (the full sized drill) and possibly Metabo have it as well. Or I could be mistaken. I nearly went for the 18V compact Bosch DDS183 but ended up going with an 18V compact Hitachi DS18DBFL2 (which doesn't have it). I just use the clutch. It seems to be quite effective. For what I do, it doesn't slip, and it's saved me a few times while drilling metal. Actually, I'm certain the Hitachi manual says to use the clutch to avoid kickback (yes, I savour the entire experience and read the manuals). I don't use large hole saws though, so perhaps a clutch won't hold for those.
  14. D W

    Dcs355b question

    I just checked mine and it's plastic. Wtf I could have sworn it was that powdered metal stuff. Nope. It's a Type 1 (see side label) and dated 2017 in the battery slot.