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  1. What tools did you buy today?

    I'm a big fan of the cheap LED lights on Ebay. This one has to be my favourite so far. It feels high quality, has a belt clip, magnet, has 2 brightness levels that are perfect, a single LED on the end for flashlight mode, and is USB chargeable. Only $7 AUD! There's a bigger version too, so I've ordered one.
  2. TD171D

    Ahh, I have that tool and forgot about that. Mine doesn't work too well but its definitely better than the others. The string trimmer is my worst for rattle.
  3. TD171D

    Agree. I love those little round white rubber things. Great design, simple and effective. All my Dewalt tools rattle and my TD170 doesn't.
  4. Subcompact Recip and Rotary Hammer

    I doubt the any M12 drill could beat the Subcompact Makita drill (my BS18 quick Metabo does though). But, I haven't used M12 so I probably have no idea. Look at the online videos though. They mostly run the M12 with the 4ah, which is 6 cells, and one video showed it struggling (relative to the 6 cell) with a 3 cell battery. That's equivalent to the subcompact with a 10 cell 4ah battery. On paper the max torque may be the same but the Makita can likely produce higher torque at higher rpm. The videos seem to show the Makita clearly handling similar drilling and driving work better. We need a side by side comparison. But anyone doing it please use a 10 cell 3ah-6ah on the Makita if using the 6 cell 4ah on the M12. @HiltiWpg just do some time comparisons with different sized bits and screws and report back here. Or just keep drilling bigger holes and driving bigger screws and report back who did the biggest.
  5. I've seen those. They're 3D printed and WAY too expensive, even for Australia. We already pay too much for Ryobi but for not much more you can get a genuine charger and battery. If they were priced around $30 AUD I would definitely get one.
  6. Issue with PS22 12V hex driver

    I've found this thread but haven't read the whole thing yet. It's indicating possible issues with the 1.3ah batteries. https://www.bosch-professional.com/gb/en/community/category/108v-battery-question/382600-t/p9#/main
  7. Issue with PS22 12V hex driver

    Thanks for the info. Now that you've mentioned the drop in one light on the fuel gauge, i'm 99% certain that's when mine started doing it as well! I'm still on the first charge with this thing.
  8. Issue with PS22 12V hex driver

    Update: after it stopped working last time, I left the battery in and let it sit for a while. It works again now. It was sitting for about 30 minutes before I tried it again. Could it be some sort of safety protection? If so, I don't understand why. It stops working without actually putting any load on it. I'm using a 1.3ah battery.
  9. Issue with PS22 12V hex driver

    I have a brand new 12V PS22 (or GSR 10.8V-EC HX) that randomly stops working. Sometimes the light continues to work (but doesn't spin), other times no light or spinning at all. It has both stopped while driving (suddenly cuts out), and on the next pull of the trigger. I'm not really sure what fixes it but it does eventually start working again. I think removing the battery a few times helps, but never immediately. Any thoughts? Loose connection? Bad connection with battery? Bad electronics? I ordered it from Korea so I don't know if warranty will be covered in Australia. I'm annoyed about this. I had my Metabo 18V full size recip saw fail last week (pull trigger and nothing), and now another issue with a brand new brushless tool (add this to the list of other new brushless tools I have issues with). I've been super busy with work and a baby over the last 12 months so I've hardly used any of these tools. I'm only a DIY user, so If any of you guys that rely on tools daily to earn a living are constantly having issues like I am, it must be absolutely infuriating! I just want to be confident the next time I pick up a tool the damn thing will work properly! Is that unreasonable?
  10. Gen 2 M12 drill weight

    I've always had a bit of a problem with the Bosch 12V grips. It's not the thickness, it's the trigger sitting too low. When the back of my hand is tucked right up into the back of the grip (as it should be), my index finger naturally ends up over the LED light (with middle finger ending up over the trigger), so I have to either try and reach down to the trigger with my index finger, use my middle finger for the trigger, or try not to hold the drill at the very top of the grip. I feel the same way. The Makita 18V subcompact line is compact, but nothing like the Bosch 12V. Seeing them side-by-side in the photos I posted above actually makes the subcompact look big (and not many tools would do that)! The entire footprint of the tools are so much smaller without the slide packs hanging off them. The new 12V Makita do feel compact, but also nothing like Bosch 12V. I'm pretty sure the tools are identical to the 18V subcompacts, so you only save on the size and weight of two 18650 cells. Great that we have the option of both. I wish I could have picked them up in the store the other day, I think they will be perfectly balanced tools.
  11. Gen 2 M12 drill weight

    I feel the same way, both would be great 12V tools. I wanted that soldering iron. I'm also looking for a rotary tool but I've always had Bosch 12V in mind for that. I would have liked the M12 caulking gun as well. Here's some photos from an ebay auction. Look at the size of that grip!
  12. Gen 2 M12 drill weight

    I had a good look at some of the M12 range in person today and I definitely won't be buying into the line-up anymore. They're just not compact. The grips in particular are huge compared to the Bosch 12V. I was really hoping I'd like them; on paper the M12 line up looks great.
  13. Gen 2 M12 drill weight

    That DDS183 is compact!
  14. Has anyone got the dcf888 yet ?

    Exactly what I wanted to know as well. I didn't buy the 887 purely because of that low setting (it was the final and deciding factor between 2 very good tools). Instead I got a Makita TD170, which only just very slightly felt to be the better option. It's an awesome impact driver, but I would have preferred the Dewalt due to the LED lights surrounding the chuck, the ergonomics, and the simple mode switch (easy to change mechanical switch). I use low setting a lot and particularly disliked the pause, but also the jerking of the Dewalt when impacting in the low setting.
  15. Gen 2 M12 drill weight

    On my 7 hour trip across to Sydney today I popped in to a Mitre 10 store and was able to see the Makita 12V in person for the first time. They look to be very good tools! I thought the grips might have been smaller than the 18V subcompact but they seem identical. Very comfortable. They were fixed to the shelf so I didn't have a chance to assess the weight. The hex driver is very compact but feels larger than the Bosch because it's so tall. Perhaps Makita will become the best 12V line if they produce enough tools.