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  1. Dewalt dcv584l vacuum for sander

    First, apologies if this is a legitimate question (and welcome to the forum). However, I can't help but point this out as another first post by a new user that ignites a discussion about flaws in a tool or a discussion that eventually puts different brands head to head. And, like all of these posts recently, there will be a few posts by other people expressing there opinions before the post author finally replies a week or two later. I'm a little suspicious. It might be a part of the fake online hype generating marketing world or market research by an entity other than an actual tool lover. Again, I really apologise to the author if this is a legitimate user/post and to the other users for cluttering the forum with my jibbering . I just thought I'd call this one out.
  2. 10.8V now 12V worldwide

    Tool reviews are really lacking on how the tools perform over the long term (or even more than just a few hours use). Basically they never say anything about it, and I understand it's something that can't really be done. It's a shame, a tool might come 1st place in performance/features but might be the first one to fail after 12 months. It's declared the winner and we all go out and buy it.
  3. Milwaukee Tools experience

    Is it just me, or does the Milwaukee section seem to have more "I have a problem with this tool...broken tool" posts than the other sections? There's about 30% less posts in the Milwaukee section than the Dewalt section but it seems there's more reported tool problems. It's just a really loose observation and I wondered if anyone else is noticing this. I certainly wouldn't suggest others take this into consideration when choosing a platform (it's not quantitative at all, so probably unfair), but I actually did a little when I was choosing. Some posts could also be fake/paid trolls from the competition, as a lot of "problem" posts are first posts from new accounts. Also, what's with most Milwaukee tools being heavier than the competition? Did the marketing department find that people usually think a tool is a higher quality when it's heavier, so they ran with this? I've heard people say a tool feels solid/tough because it's heavy (even an online tool reviewer). I would think heavier does not always mean tougher, but it might in Milwaukee's case. Marketing tactic? Inability to make lighter tools than the competition? Heavier materials? More copper in their motors? I would love to see a power-to-weight ratio comparison between a few drills.
  4. What tools did you buy today?

    Throw a shrimp on it
  5. What tools did you buy today?

    @BMack37 so the bottom jaw on those Knipex pivot? That would be a handy feature. I only ordered the normal curved jaws. I just found out about Strong Hand Big Mouth pliers from the same supplier that I got the grip-on's. They look great so maybe I'll put in an order (or get the long awaited Knipex Pliers wrench that I've always wanted). http://stronghandtools.com/stronghandtools/products/pliers/strong-grip/stronggrip-paj/
  6. What tools did you buy today?

    I'm glad you said that, I also have the 180mm Knipex on their way from Germany! These are my first good locking pliers. I've only ever owned junk ones.
  7. What tools did you buy today?

    Grip-on 131-10
  8. More Than One?

    I have 3 cordless drills. I had 2, and I was aiming to keep it that way but then I held a DCD796 in Bunnings and absolutely loved the feel of it. So now 3. Nearly 4 because I really want a DCD791 now, I figure it would be more balanced without the hammer function. I think minimum 2 cordless drills, one compact and another larger (possible with hammer) is a good setup. When drilling metal I use one drill with a small bit to start the hole and the other drill with the larger size bit to finish it. It saves changing bits around. If i'm not using the impact driver its great to have one drill for pilot holes and the other for driving. So there's a couple of functional rationale examples, but I think it's kind of a collector's bug that I have, or a quest for the perfect drill.
  9. Makita USA new items

    It looks very compact in that photo.
  10. Us stores that will ship to aus?

    I'd say 10 days of that delivery time was Sydney to Dubbo Is Melbourne Tool Sales one of them? I bought a battery from them and it was a 20V Max. They currently have the DCD791 20V Max for $161 AUD delivered (vs $136 AUD from US Ebay) so not always cheaper. Good to know they usually are though. On Ebay AUS I got the Dewalt brushless multitool, with tstak, foam liner, accessories (including depth guide) for only $224 AUD delivered from the UK. They were a UK seller that listed on Ebay AUS, but they don't sell Dewalt very often.
  11. What tools did you buy today?

    Thanks for the review @JimboS1ice I didn't even know these existed until reading it.
  12. Us stores that will ship to aus?

    Ebay (US) is great and quite a few sellers ship to AUS. Be careful though, some charge crazy amounts for shipping, so avoid them. Only yesterday I nearly ordered a Dewalt DCD791 for $136 AUD delivered. So far it seems much cheaper for Dewalt skins than here AUS. The compact brushless reciprocating saw is also available for about $200 AUD delivered ($300 here in AUS). I recently bought a Black Subcompact Makita drill and 2.0ah batteries with fuel gauges from US Ebay (both not available in AUS, only a teal subcompact and 1.5ah with no fuel gauge). It only took about 2 weeks for delivery! I highly recommend US Ebay. You can also use some of those postal proxy/forwarding services, where you can buy from any US shop and ship to a specified US postal address, and the service will forward it to you in AUS. A mate of mine does this.
  13. As the title suggests, will we see the major manufacturers stop producing brushed cordless tools altogether? They are often more robust, have true variable triggers, are cheaper to produce etc etc. Is the "must be brushless" mentality bringing the end for them?
  14. Hitachi multivolt

    I very much doubt the tripple hammer is "best in class". There's just not enough evidence out there, only hype. One thing that shows, is that the Makita consistently finishes in the top 2, if not first place. Here's the link to the ToolBoxBuzz comparison which Hitachi declined to enter (as mentioned by @kornomaniac already). http://www.toolboxbuzz.com/cordless-tools/impact-driver/impact-driver-head-to-head/ Hitachi needs to earn best in class, not just claim it I want to see Makita TD170 VS Hitachi Triple Hammer, then we can settle it.
  15. Just an update, I did some brief testing with my DCD796 using a 10mm drill bit, 100mm deep into hardwood. I was able to drill on all clutch settings above 3 (so 4-13).