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  1. Biggie

    6.0 xr charging issues

    I'm not sure if that's what's going on because now the battery doesn't seem to want to charge on my fast charger either. It flashes normal for a while and then it says it's charged but when I take it off the charger it still only has 1 bar. That being said it's worth a try maybe I'll mess with it some more tomorrow. Thanks
  2. Biggie

    6.0 xr charging issues

    Well now the battery while it says it's charging and charged on the fast charger still only reads one bar so it was a problem with the battery. For future reference it started acting up for like a month before it finally quit.
  3. Biggie

    6.0 xr charging issues

    We have have two dcb101 chargers on the truck with the 6.0 battery. So when the guys got back to the shop and said it wasn't charging again first thing I did was put it on a dcb115 charger and it started charging fine for like 10 seconds so I took it off and tried it on the two dcb101 chargers off the truck and sure enough it instantly started flashing fast "problem pack/charger". So then I took the battery and put it on my fast charger and that charged it up fine. Now the two dcb101 chargers will charge it fine for awhile until I think someone really drains it and then it like you have to jump start it again with a differnet charger.
  4. Biggie

    6.0 xr charging issues

    I have a 20v 6.0 xr battery that doesn't alway want to take a charge on dcb101 chargers. It's happened a few times now where it's like it gets run down too low and flashes fast on the dcb101 chargers in the truck but then it charges fine on a fast charger and on a dcb115 charger I have in the shop. Once it's charged back up it charges fine on the dcb101 chargers for a week or so and then it throws the error again. This is on a truck I don't work out of everyday so at first I thought my guys were overheating it on site and then by the end of the day when they threw it on the fast charger in the shop it was taking a charge. But today they said it was doing it so when they got back to the shop sure enough wouldnt take a charge on either dcb101 but I threw it on the dcb115 and away it went charging. Has anyone else experienced this? The dcb101 chargers charge 5.0 and 4.0 batteries just fine but could they be more sensitive to a drained 6.0 pack. Or is there just a problem with the pack that the other chargers just aren't picking up yet?
  5. Biggie

    New rafter hook?

    That's kind of what I figured. I'm at a point with batteries where if I feel a power loss and the batteries at 1 bar I typically just change it versus trying to get that last bit of runtime out of the battery. Its just not worth killing a battery especially if i know ill need a new battery anyhow. That and I wont push this saw like a carpenter would.
  6. Biggie

    New rafter hook?

    Well I went ahead and ordered a 570 but I was watching a youtube video review and a guy said he thinks his has killed some 5 amp hour batteries and thinks you shouldn't run anything under a 6.0. Has anyone else had an issue with the saw killing batteries or did this guy just have some bad luck.
  7. Biggie


    We use a lot of 6in metal sawzall blades. We had always used dewalt blades but about the time we started buying milwaukee tools we had our supplier ship out some milwaukee blades. Now these weren't the torch blades or anything but we were going through the milwaukee blades about twice as fast as the dewalts and at that time the dewalt blades were cheaper so we went back to dewalt.
  8. Biggie

    New rafter hook?

    Really how bad is this saw? I've been debating getting a circular saw for awhile and I wasn't real sure which way I wanted to go. I don't typically work with wood but I have a few shelving projects I want to do around the house and at my business we occasionally we do some concrete flat work where we form with 2x6 wood forms. I know the 575 is more than capable for my needs and I have a few flexvolt batteries but we have two trucks running on 20v at work so I would prefer to stay in the 20v just for simplicity of batteries. My only previous experience with circular saws were the old 18v dewalt cordless which were pretty much garbage. I had been going back and forth between the 575 and 570 as cpo dropped the price to $150 and $130. When I looked today I see they have a free 6.0 battery with the 570 as well as free shipping. I really want to pull the trigger on the 570 but after reading this review I kind of got scared that maybe I should be getting the 575.
  9. Biggie

    Which would you buy?

    If I'm reading it right the ridgid kit actually has 1- 4.0ah and 1- 2.0ah battery. As a homeowner this might be perfectly fine as you should get pretty decent runtime on the 4.0 battery but if you run out your 4.0 you will probably see pretty poor performance running the two saws on a 2.0. On the other had the 2.0 is nice to have on the drill and impact as it saves some weight and size. I probably shouldn't even say this because I have no experience one way or the other with the lifetime warranty but there was a time when I looked at ridgid for that reason but I found a lot of mixed reviews. It seems like some people have zero problems getting things warrantied but then you hear the horror stories of things not being covered or taking months to get a tool back. As a business I didn't think it was the way to go because if I had a tool fail I wouldn't want to wait a long time to get it back but as a homeowner that might not be as critical. On the other hand I've heard stories that if you have the right home depot you can pretty much just walk in with a broken tool and walk out with a new one. One thing that is for sure if you go with this kit make sure you register it. All that said I would still pick the Ridgid kit if I were in you're situation, I think it is the better kit.
  10. Biggie

    Driving small sheet metal screws with impact driver?

    I'd second a drill driver if you're really worried but we run #10 x3/4" tek screws into 14ga steel with impact drivers all the time and rarely have problems with striping. I have no experience with one key but the 2753 impact driver has a self tapping mode but I've never been able to get it to work right because it's designed for tapping into like 20-24ga steel. I have a surge but to be honest I've never tried using the self tapping mode so I couldn't tell you what gauge steel it's optimized for. I was kind of excited to see that the new impact that's coming out in July is supposed to be optimized for 14-10 ga steel so maybe it'll work better for me. I personally have found the auto modes on impact drivers and wrenches to be finicky at best but once you learn how to run one they're not that hard to control in just a normal mode.
  11. I'm thinking I'll probably wait until I get my gen 3 drill and then I'll try send it in to see what happens. They did change the side handle design on the gen 3. It's not like dewalt but it looks like a more solid design. If I remember right in one of the videos from nps2018 the milwaukee rep even comments about how the side handles a new tougher design. So obviously they've had some issues with the gen 2.
  12. In their defense I was pushing the tool hard when it happened. I had a 1/2" slotted hole in a 1/4" plate of steel that I had to upsize to a 5/8" for an anchor bolt. I had 14 holes to drill and I knew the bit was going to catch multiple times but I was in the field with no other real options. So I don't really feel the need to push the issue as to weather or not they should fix it I just thought if others had sent it in and got it fixed with no issues I might send it in.
  13. Biggie

    Same battery, lawn and carpentry tools

    One thing to keep in mind when looking at all of these brands is that most of the outdoor equipment is going to run best on their higher amp batteries. I'm just guessing that coming from black and decker you've been using 2.0 or less a/h batteries so even a 5.0 will give you a good bump in run time on the trimmer. But as a maintenance/homeowner you might find that a slim pack battery is all you really need/want on a drill. Long story short you might find that while you can run both on the same battery you might be happier having a couple different size batteries.
  14. The other day I was drilling with my 2703 and it was a rare situation where I decided to use a side handle. Well sure enough the drill caught and chipped off the gear case where the handle mounts. Now this is a pretty well known issue on these drills and I was just wondering if anyone has tried to warranty a drill with this problem? Is it considered wear and tear or is it a design flaw that they cover?