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  1. More Than One?

    I do this all the time with grinders. I usually only have two set ups with a combination of grinding, cut off, or wire wheel. I know its borderline lazy but sometimes it's just more productive than actually swapping wheels. I'll also do it with impact wrenches if I know I'm going to be assembly something with two different bolt sizes. It's pretty simple to switch a socket the but you set the socket down and it rolls away or you put it in your pocket and then your still digging for it. In the end it comes down to convenience and productivity.
  2. Rocket HD

    Holy crap I saw people talking about the price on this light as being salty but $899 for the kit. There must be a market for this but I would think even bigger companies would have to think twice before dropping that on a light.
  3. 10.8V now 12V worldwide

    Just like the rest of us, reviewers can't wait forever for dewalt to release new tools haha.

    A sparky youtube video from the dewalt event said it'll be out by the end of November. I too can't wait to try it out. I check daily for video reviews but there really isn't much out there yet.
  5. What brand Power Tool should I invest in?

    There are pluses and minuses to any brand you go with but any of the three should be more than sufficient for diy. Ryobi has been around for long time and have a huge selection of tools. Kobalt 24v has good reviews and batteries are super cheap but it seems like they keep changing battery platforms (18v, 20v, now 24v). As far as impact wrenches ryobi has mid sized with 300ft/lbs of torque. Kobalt has compact with 200ft/lbs and a high torque that has 650ft/lbs. I personally would pass on porter cable as their only impact wrench is big and heavy but only has 330ft/lbs of torque.
  6. What tools did you buy today?

    I'd been wanting to take advantage of a 9.0 starter pack and a tool for $250 but really just didn't need any of the tools offered. Then when I was looking at the fuel metal circular saw I stumbled across a company bundling it with the 9.0 starter. Dont mind if i do take a 9.0 and fast charger for an extra $50.
  7. Hitachi multivolt

    I'm not really disputing that the Hitachi is the top impact driver because I believe it is but after seeing some of these video I got curious and looked up some youtube videos. There's one video showing a dcf887 (1825ft/lbs) getting spanked by a the triple hammer. Then there's another video with a dcf895 (1500ft/lbs) getting beat but not any worse than the 887. Now in my mind that doesn't make sense because I know from personal experience that the 887 has another level from the 895.
  8. Whether we like it or not I think the reality is that we live in a throw away society. Could we have better quality tools? Yes but it would cost us a lot more at least up front. Those tools are out there but most people just cant justify the cost. Most people can get by with a lower quality tool and just plan on upgrading every few years. My company has both milwaukee and dewalt and they both have their faults but I personally think they hold up pretty well for the abuse they take.

    Not necessarily, I personally prefer a 1/2" even on a compact. I know different people have different preferences and applications. It's possible that a 3/8" anvil won't hold up to 330ft/lbs of torque but I'm no engineer so I don't really know.
  10. 1/2" Impacts

    Yea I probably shouldn't be so critical of it before it's even out I just know the auto stop thing on my milwaukee compact is just a wasted space on the mode selector. But I also see the fuel gen 2 high torque has the same feature in reverse where it slows down after impacting but reviews I've seen on it say it's too slow and not practical.
  11. 1/2" Impacts

    It's painful to watch but it's the only video I can find on youtube and gives a little more info on the mid torque. I would have thought they would have learned their lesson with the dcf887 that the precision mode isn't good for anything and I think it'll be the pretty pointless on this mid torque.
  12. 1/2" Impacts

    It does look kind of strange but actually if you look at a parts breakdown of a compact impact the nose cone has a similar shape if you take off the light ring.
  13. 1/2" Impacts

    Don't get me wrong I'm sure they're nice and I'm sure I'll have one in the near future haha.
  14. 1/2" Impacts

    Still no real confirmation either way but everything I've read there doesn't seem to be a 1/2" compact brushless impact wrench. I agree with Bremon, fuel is where it's at with impact wrenches currently but competition never hurts and I'm invested in both brands so I could jump back over pretty easily.
  15. New tool releases from Milwaukee

    Kind of a bummer that the new high torque pin detent impact wrench doesn't get the same 1400ft/lbs. Not that I really need it as the first gen ever was short on power for what I do, but if I'm going to "justify" getting the new one it better be the biggest and baddest and I work at heights so the the pin detent is a must.