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  1. 20V or 60V Grinder

    The 20v is on par with the m18 fuel which has been one of the top cordless grinders since it's release 5 years ago. I personally don't care for the grip on the 20v. The 60v has true corded power that the 20v and other 18v's don't have. Just to be clear I replaced corded grinders with m18 fuels because of the convenience and the power is good enough but it's not as powerful as corded. The 60v has a pretty comfortable grip but it's also heavier and kind of long and bulky. If I could only have one I would pick the 60v just for the power.
  2. upcoming grinder comparison - oztooltalk

    Yea I think it's alright to try show how they all perform on the same size battery, but like you say some batteries actually change the performance of the grinder. I think it would be dumb to not at least compare the grinders with the best battery available to the tool. At the end of the day I want to know the best combination of a tool and battery, the numbers don't really mean as much as real world performance.
  3. Dcd996 bites the dust

    Well like the title says, guys killed a dcd996 today. Drilled one hole fine went to drill a second hole and the trigger went dead, nothing not even the light will come on. Found a new motor and switch assembly on ebay for 1/3 of the price of ereplacementparts.
  4. M18 Fuel Hackzall ?

    Pivoting shoe but no telescoping so yep that's one thing it has over the other hackzalls. If I were in the market for one I would definately pick the m18 fuel or if it was a tool I used heavily everyday maybe it's worth the upgade. I just don't know if I would say it's lightyears ahead of the brushed where it's like you have to upgrade.
  5. M18 Fuel Hackzall ?

    Yea it's still very comfortable as a one handed saw but it's not as compact as you would think. When you see it by itself it looks like they shaved some size off it which they did in some places. But it's still bigger than the gen 1 almost like it's not as wide but they stretched it out and now it's longer.
  6. M18 Fuel Hackzall ?

    I have one as well as the fuel sawzall, gen1 hackzall, and a m12 fuel hackall. Winter is our slow time so I haven't got to use it a lot but I would say the m18 fuel hackzall is my favorite. It's definately more powerful than the m12 fuel but it's also a quit a bit bigger. As far as that goes it's a bit bigger than the gen 1 hackzall as well but slightly more powerful and it's brushless so I would assume it has better run time but like I said I haven't really got to use it much. It's hard to say if it's really that much better to justify buying it, I guess it depends what your doing with it. In my case I have a tool problem and just had to have the newest one.
  7. Dewalt batteries 18v vs 20v

    I'm no battery expert but the way I understand it the compact 1.5ah batteries are made up of 5 cells and the 5ah has 10 cells. The safety's in the battery will only let each cell discharge so fast so on high draw tools like a saw or grinder for example you will notice a difference in power because you can draw off the 10 cells at a slower discharge rate than the 5 cells. Many people don't notice a power difference on tools like an impact driver or drill but it kind of depends on how hard you're working the tool.
  8. Recommend me a cordless drill

    I think one of the top compact drills is the dcd791 which is pretty much the newest model of the drill you have. With the dcd791 you get 460uwo of torque vs 350uwo in your current drill and you upgrade to brushless. The dcd777 looks similar and is brushless but it only has 1600rpm vs 2000rpm in the dcd780 and 791. This is also why I don't really care for the compact milwaukee drills they only have 1800rpm and I prefer the higher rpms which maybe isn't a big deal for you.
  9. Metal cutting circular saws

    I had a little project today where I needed to make a 14" long cut in a 12ga sheet of steel so I thought I would try out my new dewalt saw. I use metal circ saws daily for the last 10+ years and this cut was no different than any others I've done thousands of times. I'm right handed so I brace my material with my left hand and cut with my right. But this time was a little different as the saw was really throwing metal at my left bracing arm. It was uncomfortable but I finished the cut only to look at my arm speckled in blood. Now I probably should have had on long sleeves but like I said the cut was no different than any other and it's never happened before. First thing I would say is this is one reason to not have a blade left saw if you're right handed. But the bigger problem i see is there is a gap between the base and guard on the saw. This gap might not be a big deal on a wood saw but on a metal saw it really let's the shrapnel fly.
  10. Milwaukee NPS 2018

    I hope to see a gen 2 m12 impact wrench. I know I've said it in other threads but maybe if I say it enough it'll come true haha. Hoping for shorter and in the neighborhood of 130ft/lbs, which I don't think is asking too much based on the gen 2 m12 impact driver. I've also noticed cpo has dropped recon prices of the gen 1 impact wrenches by about $10 in the last month and home depot has a free bare tool with the purchase of a m12 impact wrench kit. Makes me hopeful they're clearing inventory getting ready for a gen 2.
  11. Metal cutting circular saws

    Yea I still would like to see a dewalt 60v or if makita came out with a 36v worm style metal saw I would consider taking on another battery platform.
  12. Drill/Driver vs Hammer Drill

    The hammer drill you're looking at would be exactly the same as the drill/driver but would have an extra selectable mode for light masonry drilling. As far as your ice auger is concerned you wouldnt want to use a hammer mode because it would be hard on the gearing of the auger. So either model would work, you just don't need the extra function of the hammer drill for your auger application.
  13. Whats next in the Milwaukee pipeline?

    Could just be a coincidence but I see homedepot is offering a free tool with the m12 impact wrench kit. Makes a person hopeful they're possibly trying to clear out some stock to make room for a new gen 2 m12 impact wrench.
  14. DCH273 vs DCH293

    I was wrong it does have a hammer only mode. I've never used it and no websites give a good description of what functions it has so when I was looking the other night I didn't think it had it. Most of the side pictures show it with a depth rod that covers where the hammer is because I tried looking at pictures as well. I checked mine today and it does have it which to me probably makes it the best value of any cordless 1" rotary on the market.
  15. DCH273 vs DCH293

    Have you considered the dch133? I know it doesn't have the chipping mode which may be a deal breaker but for $100 cheaper than the dch273, it's very good at drilling holes in that 1/2 range. We have one and drill 3/8 to 5/8 holes with it all the time and I've done up to a 1"x10" deep hole with no problem. Side by side with my m18 2712 fuel 1" sds rotary hammer, the dewalt is slightly faster.