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  1. Subcompact Recip and Rotary Hammer

    I think dewalt is currently on their game and have a very good offering of tools that might even be class leading in some areas but to act like they're light years ahead of everyone else simply isn't true.
  2. In my first post I said the reason for getting a drill driver was to save length and weight (even if it was a very small savings) because I don't use the hammer function. But after looking at the specs of the m12 gen 2 drill vs hammer drill there is no difference in length or weight which is very uncommon. So in my opinion prices being the same there would be zero reason to not get the hammer drill.
  3. Whats next in the Milwaukee pipeline?

    Also the reason they're appealing to me, I work with metal, but I still haven't made the jump.
  4. For those running the Surge impact?

    Is it a motor issue or a impacting mechanism issue?
  5. Makita DHR400 SDS Max Cordless X2 Rotary Hammer

    I'd be interested in your findings. Everything I've seen shows the dewalt being a beast but there was a video from makita at WOC showing the new makita smoking the dewalt. I'm a little skeptical of the video but if it's legit, it looks like makita hit a homerun.
  6. If you really want to buy a tool that will last 30 years I would stay away from anything that requires an app to change the settings. Computer technology just evolves and changes so fast. I can't imagine using a computer from the 80s or even the 90s today and in a lot of cases even if you wanted to things just aren't compatible. This is one of the problems I see with some of the technology that they're putting into power tools. I think in the end it will cut into the long term life of the tools.
  7. Whats next in the Milwaukee pipeline?

    I did look into metabo and even thought about a corded model but I sure do like the convenience of cordless and it just makes more sense to be in a platform I already have (milwaukee or dewalt).
  8. Whats next in the Milwaukee pipeline?

    Has anyone heard if there is possibly a flat-head fuel grinder in the works. We've never had a flat head before but now that Dewalt has one out they've kind of caught my eye. Just seems like one more option for that hard to reach spot. I would just assume have it be Milwaukee but I have to admit Dewalt has my attention with some of their tool releases in the last 2 years.
  9. Gen 2 M12 drill weight

    A tools grip can be a pretty subjective thing because everybody has different sized hands along with different applications. I personally found the very first brushed m12 tools to have fat grips but their new stuff fits my hand almost perfectly. Now I would say I have slightly larger than average hands but the way grip tappers behind the trigger makes it sit in my hand nice and tight. Yes the bottom of the handle is bigger but its still much more compact than a slide type battery (not talking about the m12 larger xc batteries).
  10. Aftermarket chuck?

    The grass isn't always greener on the other side. When my worker brought the dcd995 to me he had a 1/2" drill bit stuck in the chuck and somewhere along the way managed to snap off the chuck retaining screw. I was able to get the chuck to release with a vise and vise grip and by the grace of God I was able to get the snapped off left handed screw out of the drill with an easy out.
  11. Need help shopping for tools

    If you went the ridgid route you could get the $250 5 tool kit. Then get this https://www.homedepot.com/p/RIDGID-18-Volt-Cordless-Lithium-Ion-Brushless-3-Tool-Automotive-Combo-Kit-with-2-4-0Ah-Batteries-and-Charger-R9215N/302859910. For $300 you get the brushless impact wrench, grinder, x5 impact driver and 2 4.0 batteries. So you'd be at $550 and have 2 impact drivers. Maybe you could trade one for an impact socket set haha.
  12. Need help shopping for tools

    I'm sure it still wouldn't end up being cheap but metabo does have a rebate for some free bare tools. Acme has it advertised and if you just click on the ad it's a bit confusing as to what you have to buy and what you get free. Somehow I viewed the rebate flyer last week so it was saved on my tablet but for the life of me I can't find it on acme anymore. Looks like you could buy a grinder kit and a impact wrench kit and get a drill and impact driver free. Metabo_Cordless_Q1_2018_MIR.pdf
  13. New tool release dates

    There are a lot of knowledgeable guys on here that have insider info, so if you're ever wondering about a particular tool just ask. I'm sure if a tool is going to be updated anytime soon someone on here will know and chime in.
  14. Converted DCF886 to 3/8"

    I picked mine up on ebay because I have an ebay account and I was able to save a few bucks because the seller had free shipping. It is part number 608116-00SV Anvil Assy and it's available at many parts supply stores online ie: ereplacementparts, tool parts direct. It is the same 3/8" anvil that has been used for years. Its was used with some older 12v as well as the 18v dc823, 20v brushed dcf883, and 20v brushless dcf890.
  15. Converted DCF886 to 3/8"

    Impact drivers and compact wrenches typically share some components but if you look at a parts diagram there are usually a quite a few differences. A lot of them have different size motors, electonics, gearing/impacting mechanisms, nose cones, and anvils. But in the case of the dcf886 to the dcf890 the only difference is the anvil everything else is the same.