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  1. I get it, I guess it was more just me wishing it was a little cheaper. Not that they're trying to price match dewalt but I've seen the 60v as low as $130 and the new bl 20v for $115. I personally just can't justify the price premium.
  2. Like the title says, why does Milwaukee think they should get such a premium price for it braking angle grinder. I know they have people a lot smarter than me that come up with pricing but it just seems to be out of line with the rest of the braking cordless grinder market. I usually find Milwaukee bare tools to be pretty reasonably priced and I would say their non braking brushless fuel grinder is/was a decent price at $170. Maybe when the braking model first came out it was worth an extra $50, but now its pretty much a standard safety feature for a grinder to have a brake. Makitas 18v, along with Dewalts 60v and new 20v brushless grinder all have brakes and are priced under $180 but for some reason milwaukee still thinks we should shell out $220 for the braking model. I'm not really in need of another grinder at the moment but if I found a decent price on one I might try it, I just can't see paying that much more for the feature.
  3. What tools did you buy today?

    Dang you milwaukee, I needed the 2767 impact like I need a hole in my head but I had to have the biggest and baddest to add to the collection.
  4. M12. Band saw

    Metal circular saws will cut every bit as clean as a band saw and much faster. They do have a bit of a learning curve as far as accuracy on something that small but no more than a regular circular saw you're familiar with.
  5. Makita DHR400 SDS Max Cordless X2 Rotary Hammer

    I too find it kind of funny saying current battery technology isn't there for these tools while using 3.0 batteries. Everyone uses tools for different applications. If you're drilling large holes one after another all day yes a cordless probably isn't there yet. But for the 95% of construction workers that aren't using them like that cordless are very capable of drilling large diameter holes and very convenient. Same with grinders, there are very few people who couldn't find a cordless replacement if they wanted to. I do millwright and ironwork and I no longer carry a corded grinder.
  6. so whats next in the dewalt pipeline?

    I know dewalt is more focused on carpentry than metal fab but seeing this new concrete saw and the dcs577 sure makes me wish they would come out with a flexvolt metal circular saw. The m18 fuel 5 3/8 metal circ saw still amazes me every time I use it because I can't believe how much it can do. But I have to believe it would be like the difference from the m18 fuel 7 1/4 saw to dcs577, if the came out with a flex metal circ with somewhere around a 7" to 8" blade.
  7. Flexvolt problem

    Will a battery charger actually warm a battery to the proper charging temp if it's on a hot/cold delay. Obviously if its too hot the charger just waits until it's cooled down some. The other day I had a flexvolt on a fast charger and the fan didn't kick on. The battery had been out in 30 degree weather but it was charging just without the fan which was a first for me.
  8. Flexvolt problem

    I only have a few flexvolt batteries and don't use them daily I guess I didn't notice. I usually work with milwaukee but the last couple of days I was working off a truck that has a bunch dewalt 4.0 and 5.0 and its cold out so it was a pain to check.
  9. Flexvolt problem

    Is the battery actually toast or it just needs to warm up before it'll take a charge? The thing I don't like about lights is that they don't stay on for a couple seconds. Sometimes your fingers block the lights especially with gloves on. With my m18 you press the button and take your hand off and have time to look at the charge.

    It only said it on the bare tool detent pin model so hopefully I just over reacted and they'll still be available in November.

    Typical dewalt, acme just changed its status from arriving soon to pre order with estimated ship date December 30th.
  12. Question about brushless drills

    I have a 2703 fuel gen 2 drill that did this a couple weeks ago. I didn't think I was pushing it real hard I think I was on my 5th hole drilling 3/8" holes in 3/16" steel. It drilled a 1/4" pilot hole just fine and I went to switch drill bits, pulled the trigger and nothing. I had to take the battery off and put it back on to get it going again. Not sure what caused it but so far it hasn't been an issue since.

    I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong but I believe he has a dewalt high torque with Mac cover. But yea other than color they are very similar if not exactly the same.

    Silly question, everyone knows red and yellow don't mix. Haha

    Well I see acme has the new mid range available for order although it says it's not it stock and arriving soon.