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  1. Tug

    sds rotary hammer advise

    I'm going to try and use it more in future, I'll let you know my thoughts on it as I use it.
  2. Tug

    sds rotary hammer advise

    The problems I'm having are the hammer action on the M28 sds has stopped working, so that needs fixing. It's never had a hard life, never pushed beyond its design limits. The other problem is the M28 combi drill, the battery retaining clips are small and of poor design in my book. It's dropping packs, not impressive at this price point. On the subject of battery retainment, I'm finding the Dewalt sliders and Bosch 36 Volt sliders to be the best designs of all the machines I have. In other news I took the Flexvolt sds max out yesterday. Used it for some chases in masonry, a bit overkill for the task, but it made light work of it.
  3. Tug

    sds rotary hammer advise

    True, that did look the case in the comparison, but the difference will be that the max will be under almost no strain at 3/4", the plus machines will be nearing their upper limit. Also, I've had a couple of reliability issues with my M28 machines of late, so I'm backing away from the brand. The Dewalt machines have so far proven more reliable.
  4. Tug

    M18 hole hawg power

    I don't own one and probably never will, however, if it can do what you ask of it with a clone battery, chances are it'll shine with a genuine pack.
  5. Tug

    sds rotary hammer advise

    I've got the Dewalt sds max, 54 Volts of power, but it rarely comes out to play. Great fun when I need it though. This is the expensive route I think, not so bad if you're using the charger and batteries for other machines, still not cheap though. If it really is a rarity for you to need the extra grunt, perhaps a corded sds plus in the 5kg range would be a cheaper option for you? Hope some of that helps!
  6. Tug

    Flexvolt 6ah ruined my tools!

    It is frustrating when kit doesn't chooch, but at least Dewalt stepped up to help.
  7. Tug

    I need a drill with guts

    SDS, or rotary hammer, drills don't have rotational torque, it's just not part of what they're about. Any high voltage combi drill will almost certainly have the gumption to do what you're asking. Just be sure to get one with anti-kickback, your wrists will thank you!
  8. Tug

    What tools did you buy today?

    M12 spotlight, 750 lumens, very bright!
  9. Tug

    Milwaukee radio quality

    Got the M12 radio a few months back, no Bluetooth, but good reception and sound quality. Runs for a good two days on a 6 Amp pack, but that depends on volume. Compact size and does have a 3.5mm Jack for mp3 etc.
  10. Tug

    Dcd996 bites the dust

    Large steel bits are so much better on low speed, they cut far more efficiently. Running them at high speed kills the bits and the machine! Slow it down.
  11. Referring back to the heat comments, I've had my M28 brushless so hot it was uncomfortable to hold! Never cut out though!
  12. I have the Dewalt Flex and love it, superb power. Runtimes are a little short, especially on the 2/6, but noticeably better with a 3/9, so can only assume another huge jump from the 4/12. For what I do, the 5" is just about enough, but would like to see a 7" version released. Look forward to the vid, you guys work well in these comparisons.
  13. Tug

    nps2018 thoughts and opinions

    12 Amp packs! Whoop!
  14. Tug

    Milwaukee NPS 2018

    Some nice kit in there! The petrol chainsaw didn't seem to be throwing much dust, maybe they gave it a blunt chain?
  15. I would go direct to manufacturer and explain everything you've explained here. I did this with a pair of Milwaukee V18 packs and they did replace them, night and day difference with the replacements.