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  1. I have the Dewalt Flex and love it, superb power. Runtimes are a little short, especially on the 2/6, but noticeably better with a 3/9, so can only assume another huge jump from the 4/12. For what I do, the 5" is just about enough, but would like to see a 7" version released. Look forward to the vid, you guys work well in these comparisons.
  2. Tug

    nps2018 thoughts and opinions

    12 Amp packs! Whoop!
  3. Tug

    Milwaukee NPS 2018

    Some nice kit in there! The petrol chainsaw didn't seem to be throwing much dust, maybe they gave it a blunt chain?
  4. I would go direct to manufacturer and explain everything you've explained here. I did this with a pair of Milwaukee V18 packs and they did replace them, night and day difference with the replacements.
  5. Tug

    More New Milwaukee

    Inflator sounds very interesting! The UK might have them by 2020!
  6. Tug

    M12 gen 2!

    Ya ain't taking it with ya, enjoy it while you can.
  7. Tug

    So any new tools coming soon?

    Charge rate on the radio? Is it a smart charger that alters the charge current to suit temperature and pack capacity?
  8. Tug

    Milwaukee SDS-Max - oztooltalk review

    Tug smash!
  9. Tug

    Ineffective hammerdrilling

    SDS all the way for concrete, the job's done in seconds and your ears don't bleed! Even the awful Ryobi sds will put small fixing holes in concrete, and that machine's woefully under-powered! Ideally you want above 2 joules of impact energy.
  10. Tug

    M12 gen 2!

    Love my gen 1 combo set, beautiful machines. Doubt I'll upgrade due to budget, but good to see innovative ideas bearing fruit.
  11. Tug

    Milwaukee SDS-Max - oztooltalk review

    Always interested! How can you not be interested in a machine that smashes concrete?
  12. Lithium has to be charged correctly, I wouldn't feel comfortable using a charger knocked up in someone's shed!
  13. Tug

    starting over

    Theft? Totally unacceptable to take anything that's not yours, but even worse when it's someone's lively-hood! Not much of a consolation, but at least you get to play with shiny new toys.
  14. Tug

    4 Port Fast Charger

    I'd hazard a guess and say they've used the internals from the portable power station? If I needed that much capacity, I'd be all over this, tis how all chargers should be made. I think the Hilti is similar, if not identical.
  15. You'd need to have some idea of what you're doing when it comes to choosing cells for your pack, but other than that this could definitely work.