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  1. Lithium has to be charged correctly, I wouldn't feel comfortable using a charger knocked up in someone's shed!
  2. starting over

    Theft? Totally unacceptable to take anything that's not yours, but even worse when it's someone's lively-hood! Not much of a consolation, but at least you get to play with shiny new toys.
  3. 4 Port Fast Charger

    I'd hazard a guess and say they've used the internals from the portable power station? If I needed that much capacity, I'd be all over this, tis how all chargers should be made. I think the Hilti is similar, if not identical.
  4. You'd need to have some idea of what you're doing when it comes to choosing cells for your pack, but other than that this could definitely work.
  5. What tools did you buy today?

    This cuts through hard brick with ease, impressed so far. I'm using a diamond blade, can't see the point in normal blades, your cuts get shallower with each pass! Only one stall so far, but that's not the machine, the battery wasn't fully charged when I started. On-off switch is very easy to use, almost too easy? This is the type of machine you definitely don't want to accidentally start-up! Definitely far superior to the Bright Green offering.
  6. What tools did you buy today?

    Not keen on the safety switch that can be seen sticking out from the main trigger, looks like a weak point, but certainly seems to pack a punch, I'll update once I've had a proper go with it.
  7. What tools did you buy today?

    Sent this back and am now the proud owner of this; Had one quick go in the front garden on a random piece of concrete and it ripped through it with ease! Roll-on tomorrow for some proper testing!
  8. More electronic assembly issues

    Of all the drills I own, my favourite are definitely my Bosch 36v machines, bare bones brushed tech that is reliable and a joy to use! Before those I had Milwaukee V18 drills, brushed combi and SDS, they took such a beating and didn't give any grief for approximately eight years. The chuck finally gave out on the combi and the trigger needed replacing on the SDS. The trigger cost me forty quid and the chuck got a WD40 bath, then they were stolen. Great machines though. I hope that companies like Bosch and Hilti continue to offer brushed variants.
  9. What tools did you buy today?

    Had my first proper go with this today, I needed to chase a wall for a light switch position, I'll give more in depth feedback as I go! Very comfortable to use, but unwieldy up a step-ladder!
  10. The new tripod light...

    Any idea on runtime yet?
  11. What tools did you buy today?

    I recently picked up a Magma backpack, pleased with the quality so far. You do have to be disciplined with keeping it clutter free and organised, but definitely prefer a backpack for negotiating doors whilst carrying a drill case. Is the Klein well made? I'd expect it to be top grade!
  12. So simple yet so great

    I've got a loud red Hilti shirt, everyone hates it, but me! If I remember, I'll post a pic later. Free work clothes means I don't need to go shopping for them! That's a win!
  13. What tools did you buy today?

    Yeah, that's normal. It's the magnets repelling against the coils in the motor, all normal.
  14. What tools did you buy today?

    Agreed, not trade-grade, but shouldn't falter on cutting a bit of mild steel. The trouble with brushless is the electronics need to be over-engineered, just "making the grade" ain't enough. Flexvolt 414; I'm coming for you!
  15. What tools did you buy today?

    I meant it's dead, non-functioning, faulty. It's going back.