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  1. Hi, having recently bought a 54V flex volt SDS plus rotary hammer drill with 9.0ah batteries, have they bought out a onboard dust management system to go with it? I see the 1" 20V max rotary hammer does but yet to see a picture of one attached to a flex volt SDS plus rotary hammer. any ideas on this would be greatly appreciated
  2. pcsparx

    60V max vs 54V XR

    cheers guys, good to know, it is real confusing down here in NZ when it comes to DeWalt tools especially when you see a tool come out in the US but never makes it down under, (stud and joist drill etc) like whats up with that, surely it can't be that hard to slap a different sticker on it and bundle it up with a 230V charger at least then we wouldn't be put in a position to go buy parallel imported tools with no legitimate DeWalt warranty, especially when we've already bought into the battery platform. Sometimes i think if I knew a year ago what I know now I may have joined team red, but who knows things might change in the future come on Team Yellow! Sort it Out!!!
  3. pcsparx

    60V max vs 54V XR

    hi guys, In NZ we have the 54V XR flexvolt tools compared to the american 60V max flexvolt tools. One tool that we can't buy here is the flexvolt stud and joist drill. So my question is if I were to have NZ authorised 54V XR flex volt batteries could i buy the american 60V max stud and joist drill bare tool from a parallel importer and use my 54V XR batteries to power it cheers
  4. pcsparx

    Advice needed, DeWalt vs Milwaukee SDS plus

    In NZ I don't think they stock Milwaukee M28 unless you go thru a parallel imported supplier = warranty void and from what I can see the difference between the DeWalt DCH333 and the DCH334 is the DCH334 has a quick change chuck for holding non SDS plus drill bit which could be handy, anyone had any experience with the quick change chuck system or would it be better to go with the non quick change chuck?
  5. Hi People, First things first, I'm and electrician Based in NZ and all my current power tools are DeWalt XR (pretty much the same as 20V Max). I'm in the market for an SDS plus Rotary hammer, and need some advice on which to go for. i'm looking at either the DeWalt Flexvolt SDS plus kit with 2 x 9.0ah batteries and a charger for $1200.00 NZD, or a Milwaukee M18 Fuel CHPX with 2 x 5.0ah batteries and a charger for $980.00 NZD. i'm constantly drilling 25mm (1") holes so the smaller DeWalt 18V SDS plus just won't do, therefore either way i'm going to need to buy into another battery platform. in the future I will also be in the market for a recip saw, grinder and right angled drill (Milwaukee hole hawg or Dewalt Stud and Joist drill) so when choosing a new platform would need to consider this also. I can't find any comparisons online for the two rotary hammers so what do you guys think would be the best choice?