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  1. SchenzhenSpecial

    What will Makita come out with next?

    Shouldn't think it will be far away, it's no out in AUS.
  2. SchenzhenSpecial

    I need a drill with guts

    I must have been imagining it then.
  3. SchenzhenSpecial

    I need a drill with guts

    Depends who's lifting them or how (crane/forks) but I mean structural metal deck roofing. There are a number of different brands with a wide range of gauges depending on load rating and span. Most common one is Euroclad but I know Tata Steel do on, countless other brands. Some are 0.5mm + powder coat, some are 2mm + powder coat. https://www.bimobject.com/en/tata-steel/product/roofdek-d153 www.euroclad.com/roofs/structural-decks/
  4. SchenzhenSpecial

    Back back power inverter

    With the ability to interchange connectivity there are many arrays possible to work with 36v and 18x2 tools the same but it will be putting out 36v not 18v so this will have to be accounted for with the X2 system.
  5. SchenzhenSpecial

    How to estimate life of a Makita battery ?

    Working, I'd guess.
  6. SchenzhenSpecial

    Back back power inverter

    Looks to be a dummy battery for both types that connects up to the back pack.
  7. SchenzhenSpecial

    Back back power inverter

    So on closer inspection it's not an inverter per se - certainly not like the DeWalt inverter. It's a 2+2 36v battery pack, purely to power 36v OPE with an increase run time but transferring weight to make it more comfortable to use over longer periods.
  8. SchenzhenSpecial

    Back back power inverter

    What's the output voltage?
  9. SchenzhenSpecial


    You're not being serious are you?😂 Some brands put a (somewhere near) -15deg cut off switch on batteries to stop them from delivering power beyond that. Although most people are unlikely to see -40, at the temperature lithium batteries stop working completely. https://www.toolstop.co.uk/blog/lithium-ion-batteries-and-winter-how-to-keep-working-in-the-cold/
  10. SchenzhenSpecial

    I need a drill with guts

    Most metal roofing profiles are around the 3mm thick mark, increase that for stiffening ribs and where the folds for the profile are introduced and you're going to spend a lot of time cutting these out with a 6" hole saw. Depending on the profile I'd probably prefer to use a jigsaw or if the sheet metal gauge is light enough, a punch nibbler that will allow you to follow the profile. I've recently been working with 100mm profile roof deck and had to cut to end of 30mm holes into it and I was sick of it.
  11. SchenzhenSpecial

    Dcs355b question

    Plastic production and the distance it has come is the result of manufacurers being cheap. If it works it doesn't matter but the quality of machined or even cast parts is becoming a neccesity when required rather than an expectation. There's also an environmental impact by using more readily disposible plastics.
  12. SchenzhenSpecial

    Flexvolt USA to uk

    I once vaguely knew a girl from Scotland whos old man moved to Houston to work for BP... I wonder.
  13. SchenzhenSpecial

    Dcs355b question

    They've definately always been plastic and they're dirt cheap to replace should you have a failure in one. Part Number Dewalt N254620 https://www.partswarehouse.com/DeWalt-Sa-Clamp-Lever-DWB-N25462-p/dwb-n254620.htm $6.88
  14. SchenzhenSpecial

    Does Makita make a 1/2” drill with an anti-kickback feature?

    Are we talking right angle drills or 1/2" pistol drills tho? As I said. If you're worried, engage the driver clutch and if it does bind it wont break your wrist. And before anyone says it, I run 6" hole cutters like that daily without issue.
  15. SchenzhenSpecial

    Does Makita make a 1/2” drill with an anti-kickback feature?

    I'll take your word for it but I'm afraid my own experience suggests otherwise.