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  1. Not sure as I found this info elsewhere and wanted to share with you guys.
  2. The new Dewalt 20V blower features a brushless motor just like the current model. The new model has a sleek updated modern look that has more aggressive styling. Cosmetic changes include a new trigger design with the cruise control lever moved to the very top of the handle and submerged. It features a similar turbine design and the battery now mounts directly behind the handle but sideways. The bottom stand is shortened which reduces overall height and the stand has a roll cage design like the ones you’d find on their battery powered radios. The blower tube appears to have a removable and replaceable tip. The current Dewalt 20V blower is rated at 400 CFM and 90 MPH performance so expect the new model to have similar or improved performance. The new articulating head hedge trimmer is part of the 20V line and is coming next year 2020 in the first quarter and it appears to be based on the design of the pole saw but with an articulating hedge trimmer head instead. Just like the original Dewalt 20V hedge trimmer, it appears to be running on a brushed motor. It appears to have the ability to use extension poles for added reach. The articulating head pole hedge trimmer shown is a prototype so expect the final product to look similar but could be slightly different.
  3. Dewalt hackzall style 20v coming soon!!!
  4. Yes but it’s discontinued and has terrible reviews that it’s not accurate ... which is why it was probably discontinued.
  5. Thanks for responses so far. No, I don’t want to spend hundreds going to Festool guide rails just for this - not rational. Plus, you do lose functionality going that route anyway. Was hoping maybe someone knows of something aftermarket perhaps.
  6. Hey everyone! I got the flex volt track saw (loving it). I’m looking for a T Square for the track but cant seem to find any. Dewalt seems to have discontinued the one they made some time ago. Anyone have any ideas on a t square compatible with the dewalt track with good reviews? Thanks!!
  7. M12 Batterty on a M12 Tool .... I don’t see what the issue can be 👀👀 Yes you can use it silly!
  8. Albertd718

    Dewalt event??

    I saw some posts on Instagram on several pages referring to some Dewalt event today. Anyone know anything????
  9. Anyone know the specs so we can compare to the m12?
  10. Thanks for both suggestions so far. I don’t want anything bulky as this is going in my primary tool bag. The size of the m12 stick light is just, just wish it was twice as powerful. They were able to make it just that in their new usb rechargeable stick light. It seems as I may either look at different options or maybe go for the usb rechargeable one (2112-21). Hoping someone maybe know something about them coming out with different options.
  11. So I’m a 20v / 60v Dewalt guy that’s about to dive into the 12v line in Milwaukee as the Dewalt options are none existent. I want to replace my bulky 20v lights in my tool bag for some M12 lighting. Problem is that I don’t want to lose light power. The current M12 stick light (2351-20) is only rated around 200 lumens which is quite a disappointment. The new lights they released which are the USB rechargeable ones are great (about 450 lumens) but I want to stay on m12 platform. Anyone know if they’re planning on releasing updated stick lights on m12 platform? Thanks!
  12. The USB adapters have an input for the jackets (the ones that come with the jackets).
  13. No. Both Dewalt and Milwaukee have something that slides onto their battery packs which gives you a USB output which can charge your phone and/or your heated jackets/sweaters.
  14. I know!! I wear my Dewalt Hoodie but almost never use the heat because the battery and USB holder is just so damn bulky! With what I just discovered using an M12 stick pack, I will definitely now be using it as it’s much smaller.
  15. So I’ve always been a Dewalt guy and have a pretty extensive 20/60v platform. I’ve recently wanted to get into a 12v platform since I don’t always have a demand for heavy tools. So naturally I went to Milwaukee for that since we all know Dewalt is heavily lacking in that department. With that that being said, I purchased some M12 tools and batteries along with a USB charger for the M12 stick packs which also powers their heated jackets/sweaters. I noticed that the output on the USB power source on both the Dewalt adapter and Milwaukee is 12V. So I went ahead and plugged the M12 USB holder with a M12 pack into my heated Dewalt Hoodie and it worked just fine! I’m wondering if anyone else has done this? I assume no damage can be done since output is both 12v between the 2 brands. Any input from anyone? Thanks.
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