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  1. Hey there everyone. I'm 20 and have recently begun to experience the joy of using my hands to build and repair! My family is not very handy so I have to learn everything myself or wherever I can find those willing to teach and I hope I can learn a lot from all of you. I am about to purchase my first drill/driver with a gift card to Lowes I received for my bday. Currently there is a sale on and there are two great looking drills on sale for the same price I never imagined would be in my price range so soon. They are the new 20 volt lithium battery powered drill/driver by dewalt (dcd780c2) and the 18 volt nicad battery powered drill/driver also by dewalt (dcd760ka). While the reviews seem to be fairly comparable as is their power apparently and their price, from what I have read the 20 volt is faster (2000rpm compared to 1700rpm) while the 18 volt has more torque (410uwo compared to 350uwo). I do not know enough about these specs yet to know which drill I should purchase. I am currently leaning towards the 20 volt but I would really appreciate your opinions and they will certainly greatly influence my decision. Below are the links and power specs for both drills for more info. While the website says the 18 volt is pricier right now they are actually the same price in store. 20 volt lithium drill: http://www.lowes.ca/drills/dewalt-20-volt-12-in-cordless-lithium-ion-compact-drilldriver-with-case_g1189624.html?isku=8780448&linkloc=cataLogProductItemsImage -Speed: 600-2000 rpm -Power: 350 uwo 18 volt nicad drill:http://www.lowes.ca/drills/dewalt-18-volt-12-in-cordless-compact-driver-kit_g1333862.html?isku=9623034&linkloc=cataLogProductItemsImage -Speed: 500-1700 rpm -Power: 410 uwo Cheers, Thanks
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