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  1. Yeah maybe Milwaukee needs to help market for the others that are using there platform. Then bout parties would win.
  2. Awhile back there was a thread about what cordless tools would you like to see come out. One of mine was a cordless porta power. Well I found one today. It's a enerpac brand but uses a Milwaukee m28 battery. Just wanted to share if any one else was in the market. http://www.enerpac.com/en-us/industrial-tools/hydraulic-pumps-and-valves/electric-hydraulic-pumps-0/xc-series-cordless-hydraulic-pump
  3. I was just going to share my air compressor setup. Rolair with a 25 foot flexlilla hose reel mounted to the top.
  4. Yeah if it's tough enough for a nail setter then I don't think I will tear it up.
  5. It's neat how the smallest of tools can get you out of a pinch. I have been on the look out for a perfect excuse screw driver. I looked at all the ones that wera and wiha and other name brands had to offer. But I came across the perfect one at Lowes. Metal and heavy duty and a decent price. I find a use for it every day now that I have it. So here is my edc. http://m.lowes.com/pd/Kobalt-Nail-Setter/1000003656 I also have my Cobras and utility knife in the pouch alone with a lock and tape
  6. Grey pneumatic is always my go to impact sockets. http://www.gpsocket.com/products/product.phtml/1398H/ http://www.amazon.com/Grey-Pneumatic-1398H-10-Piece-Driver/dp/B00061SJME
  7. I think there is definitely a limit to what a phone should do. But I guess they try to appeal to everyone so they add so many features.
  8. I know it's still new yet, so maybe in a year or so we will hear more about it.
  9. This article says later this year with a price of $599. http://www.catphones.com/en-us/news/press-releases/cat-s60-announced-as-worlds-first-smartphone-with-integrated-thermal-camera?ref=swms
  10. I'm not sure if the 60 is out yet. But that flir is a really cool feature. I don't think I would use it to its full potential. But it is nice to know that the technology is out there for the guys that could use it. It bugs me that most other phones are so brittle when you know they can be made so much better.
  11. These seem like they will be very nice. Wish I had one a couple months ago. Thanks for the info on the straight versus angled. Can't wait tell Dan and Eric get ahold of one or hopefully all four.
  12. Smart phones are tools too right? I would think most on here use a phone so I wanted to share one I found. Cat or caterpillar has been making phones for years. And they are tough and not cheaply made. The newest one they came out with has a flier thermal imaging built in. And this past January they teamed up with Verizon wireless here in the US. I had the s50 for a couple days when it first came out, but AT&T shut me off cause it wasn't a approved phone by them. Check them out guys. new thermal imaging phone http://www.catphones.com/en-us/phones/s60-smartphone New phone but not thermal imaging http://www.catphones.com/en-us/phones/s50c-smartphone available at Verizon http://www.catphones.com/en-us/news/press-releases/cat-s50c-launches-with-verizon-connectivity
  13. Thanks for clearing that up for me fazzman. I didn't know how that would work with chrome vandom wrenches.
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