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  1. I live & work in Alberta ,Canada where we have cold mornings regardless of the season. Our pipe is almost always outside or in cold parkades. I heard if you try to cut pipes that are too cold, it increases the chance of it shattering.
  2. Thanks, Long time lurker, finally bite the bullet & made a account. One of my coworkers has one, & she let me use it for a day. It's definitely one of the best m12 tools but I would like to see an 20volt version for dewalt, that has an bigger capacity for rough ins and maybe a light built in for dark cabinets & a guard just in case the pipe shatters while cutting. My company actually just banned the m12 shears because there isn't a guard, & a couple of people have had pipe shatter into their face.
  3. As a plumber I would like to see a 2" or 3" power pvc shears. 2" power copper cutters. Heated coveralls? With arms & legs areas heated. More summer work wear.
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    Does anyone have any information on the new Dewalt Toughbox ? It seems like a great jobsite storage solution, I just can't find any info on pricing, availability etc
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