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  1. Type “dewalt 8ah” into the Lowes search bar. A whole bunch of new combo deals pop up that I haven’t seen before, not to mention the 8ah batteries??
  2. Didn’t even know they had a cordless before. I can’t imagine it did much on 18v nicad.... if you believe the rep it’s the second coming. We will just have to see if 2020 becomes 2026 first?
  3. Another rep promise- cordless belt sander early 2020 on the 20v voltage line.
  4. Yep. Till you shutdown the substation powering it! Or replace an ATS, etc. Electrical infrastructure replacements in hospitals are a pain!
  5. Ha! Sometimes. Old hospitals. Life safety circuits such as exit devices, fire alarm control panels, BAS systems, partially powered security systems, nurse call control panels. Never know 100% what’s been put on what circuit/panel during countless renovations since the ‘50s. These things are a.... “life saver” (sorry couldn’t help it...). Real “life support” (not life safety) medical equipment typically has an included battery backup/UPS that will maintain life support for minutes or hours depending on the equipment and age. I would have had to rethink using these if they were discontinuing with cause. In all honestly, 75% of the time it’s powering some doctors fridge or a computer/printer/copier that just “can’t” go down... I will say it has prevented abandoning several outages due to someone’s “unacceptable unforeseen outage” and has saved its own cost several times over in temporary power provisions.
  6. Oh so glad you point that out!!! I saw the prices had (more than) doubled and went to the dewalt website (https://www.dewalt.com/products/gear-and-equipment/generators-and-portable-power/1800-watt-portable-power-station-and-simultaneous-battery-charger-kit/dcb1800m3t1) and saw it was discontinued. Hopefully they just realized the 3x4.0 + 1x6.0 was a very strange battery combination kit in the first place. Whew! Straight up panic there!!! Bare tool + aftermarket 12ahs it is!
  7. So I have 3 of these for my company. We do hospital renovations and I swear it is the most valuable tool we have ever purchased from a risk/shutdown management perspective. I’ve got a project starting soon that I was going to buy 3-5 more... and I’m finding it is discontinued everywhere!? Is this because the long rumored V2 is coming, or did they find a problem that means I shouldn’t use these for life safety backup, or did they just decide it doesn’t sell enough and I need to buy as many as I can as fast as I can no matter the cost?
  8. dilloncorr


    Ah. Duh. That’s what I get for responding too fast and not thinking!! I have been wondering why they don’t make a dedicated flexvolt charger charging at 60v? Seems like it would charge faster... or is this another poor understanding of electronics on my part?
  9. dilloncorr


    And trip all kinds of breakers.... just sayin’
  10. How does it work on cutting concrete? We demo/modify a lot of “ 4” “ housekeeping pads (meaning 2x4 forms) in hospitals where noise, gas/diesel, propane, and tie-ins for 220 or 480V just aren’t worth it. I have been considering getting one of these but my supers are CONVINCED that there’s no way it’ll handle cutting HK pads. (Keep in mind they’re makita fans.... working on that!)
  11. Interesting combination of ah. That would be perfect for General contractors.... never have enough of the 2 ahs but an sds isn’t really practical with the 2ahs. I’ve been buying the guys 2ahs and flexvolt 9ahs for small tools and high draw tools respectively. We use the power packs as backup power sources in our older hospitals all the time so it’s worth the extra weight to have plenty of 9ahs hanging around... this might convince me Otherwise...
  12. You need to re-evaluate “need”. I have no “need” either... but i might some day??? Better to be prepared. BUY IT!! I know i will.....
  13. 60v chainsaw. Hands down. I cut up a 45’ long branch varying between 18 and 12” that came off a giant old oak at my wife’s grandpas house yesterday. About 30 cuts, bucking hard. Then had to take down a couple small 4-6” caliper trees that were smashed by the monster. Probably another 25 cuts or so. Went through 5 x 9 ah batteries and a 6 ah. Some charges went much longer than others (guessing wood density and how straight the cut was?). One cut in particular taking off a branch from the main was two passes (only 16” bar) from downbranch and two pass releif cut from the truncates end. That cut alone ate up a 9ah battery. So complaints about battery life aside, it was the first time I’d used the chainsaw on anything more than small stuff playing around. I brought my gas saw along thinking that the cordless just wouldn’t keep up. Holy cow was I wrong. I never even opened the case on my gas saw. Flex volt completely blew me, my father in law, and grandpa away. I’m totally sold on this things ability to replace 75-80% of gas saws. This saw is a BEAST! The Old 20v grinder can really do a number when cutting cast iron or old plaster... but nowhere near the chainsaw.
  14. I missed something?? Table saw is dead?
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