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  1. Convenience. I don't want one to replace my 1617, I want something that is quick and covenient when its a small job.
  2. TheRLB

    Track saws

    I have the Makita corded version, I only use it with a hose hooked up to the vac (which works great) so it didnt make any sense to me to go cordless for the extra money. Eventually I want to get the 100" track but man those arn't cheap.
  3. I've been wanting a cordless router in the worst way and have been looking hard at the Makita and Rigid models but I am so heavily invested in Milwaukee I am having a hard time pulling the trigger. Any of you run two or more platforms? Any regrets?
  4. Thats what I thought too! Looks like the striking cap is just epoxied in. I just have to clean out the end a little and I'm gonna 2P-10 it back in there.
  5. Bought my first DeWALT screw drivers last week and the end of one of the "demo" drivers breaks off
  6. This version won't (Version 4 only fits the newer Milwaukee models) but version 3 might, same table just different mounting holes. They have a list of all the different models of bandsaws each table supports on thier website. So far I'm pretty impressed with it, pretty beefy top, miter slots are straight, saw mounts to the table and miter slots square, no wobble when cutting, and the shipping was super fast. Ordered it on Monday and it was sitting on the front step Wed afternoon.
  7. Upgraded my metal cutting situation with the Swag portaband table and a new bandsaw
  8. I've been looking at their jointers, price seems pretty cheap but not sure if its a good deal or you get what you pay for from Cutech
  9. Does it come with a plate for a normal shop vac connection? The sliding arm setup looks awesome but all the add ons sure add up fast
  10. I was unaware that’s how it went down, not cool. Thats where I was when I bought the Delta saw I have now, a good saw for a cheap price. In over 25 years of working and playing around with power tools of all sorts I’ve had a few close calls and quite a few cuts and scrapes (nail through the hand, cuts from a chop saw blade exploding , diamond blade chunk in the shin bone from a concrete saw blade, sheet metal cut to the bone on foot to name a few) but it wasn’t until this last one that it hit me “quite literally” that I need to be careful or I could be a one armed banjo p
  11. The dust collection on the contractors saw was my biggest concern, glad to hear its not an open based. After pricing it out with cast iron wings, a moblie base, and upgraded fence its about $1000 to 1400 over an equivelent saw from someone else without the safety feature. That $1400 is worth every penny to me so long as I don't have to learn to tie my boots with one hand.
  12. Having had a close call with my Delta table saw the other day has got me thining about getting a Sawstop. Anyone here have one? I have looked at the PCS and the Contractors saw and besides the cabinet base its hard to tell if the extra money is worth it for the PCS over the contractors saw. If I do pull the trigger this would be my end game for table saws so right now I am leaning twards the PCS but not sure if it makes sense.
  13. The prices are not competitive with the big boys thats for sure (especially on power tools) but all of the Ace stores I believe are locally owned so that makes it harder to compete with the bulk the big boys pump out. Sometimes they can have some good deals on the smaller stuff if you are a rewards member. The closest one to me locally also has a small engine shop that is so busy they are always booked out at least a month. Sure I end up spending a little more but I'll trade that for the service and supporting a local instead of one of the other big stores.
  14. Out of the 3 local big box stores (Menards, Lowes, HD) Home Depot is the most helpful, followed by Menards and then Lowes but the employees at all three know nothing about what they are selling and don't exactly jump at the chance to help out. The best by a large margin are the local Ace Hardware stores, everyone of them have great employees that are very helpful and if you ask a question and they dont know the answer they find someone that can help. Another good one is Stan Houston Equipment, they cater mostly to the general contractors but have a Woodworking department with a couple old wood
  15. I have a set of Trend diamond stones that I use but I'm seriously looking in to getting a Work Sharp 3000. With the limited time I have I would rather spend it on other things than getting Popeye arms sharpening by hand.
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