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  1. Not yet, I just curious if anyone out there is interested. Right now, I've just given them to friends and family for their use.
  2. Yeah, it supplies the angle grinder with plenty of power! I don't use them much so I had my neighbor make sure it could still grind the same. He says they're the same, but I'm not completely satisfied with that; I'm going to do a timed test soon to make sure. As for the weight, the attachments weight is roughly 1/3 compared to a battery pack. That's based purely off my hands, sorry I don't have a small scale.
  3. Hi, Sorry for the delay, I've been on travel for work. Here's a picture, it's as simple as it sounds! It fit's into any Ryobi tool because I used an old Ryobi case.
  4. Hi everyone, I've been entertaining the idea of making a wall to battery adapter for cordless tools for a while now. The idea is that an adapter can plug into the tool and then connect to the wall outlet to replace a dead battery (until the battery is recharged). I finally got around to it and have built a few of these for Ryobi and Dewalt tool systems. Right now, all the electronics are in a hollowed out battery case, so the adapter can fit normally into a drill/jigsaw/circular saw etc (no external power brick). They work really well, they seem to have the same power as normal battery operation (maybe a little more?). This got me thinking, that I could start selling these (~$40-$50) if there is interest out there, so any feedback would be appreciated. Feel free to ask questions. Thanks, Aaron
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