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  1. Thanks for the feedback guys. This is incredibly helpful. Some good points here on getting more value with the Ridgid. Seems like the battery life and brushless motors on the Ridgid is just a smarter move. I'll be a little let down not having red in my tool chest, but I'll probably be much happier in the long run with Ridgid. @Bremon you make a good point on the battery life. I actually couldn't find a whole lot of info on run time between different battery models and was wondering what that would look like with the Milwaukee combo.
  2. - Hey all, I'm new here, but love what I'm reading and learning on the forum. I'm a moderator DIY guy and am looking to upgrade all of my tools. I have a plethora of used Milwaukee and DeWalt tools that have been handed down to me or purchased used over the years, but it's time for me to get a good combo kit finally. I don't NEED anything professional grade but absolutely appreciate quality tools and want something I can keep for many many years. I'm looking at some of the current home depot deals and I'm torn between two options: 1. Milwaukee M18 6 Piece Combo Brushed
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