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  1. Now the tool has been out for a wile and been in use for a good few months what are people’s opinions? Any complaints about it or anything that you don’t like? I’m probably gonna purchase soon but I bought the gen 1 tool and I really just didnt like anything about it, so I’m a little hesitant to pull the trigger if there are any major complaints with the new version.
  2. Well that’s typical. I bought the dls714 just this morning and then I go and see this tonight, just my luck lol.
  3. Does anyone in the know think Makita have any plans to release a new model of the dls714 mitre saw with dual bevel capability in the near future? I want a small lightweight cordless mitre saw for convenience on small jobs over bringing out my bigger mitre saw. A work mate has the small Milwaukee cordless mitre saw and its great for 90% of my work, its dual bevel but the current Makita offering is only single bevel. I could probably get by ok with the single bevel but I would much prefer the dual bevel if there was one coming out in the near future.
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