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Need opinions on what tool storage system to go with


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Hey TIA Crew 

I have got quite a lot of tools now just spread out all over my garage and i want a good method of organization and storage. Any ideas, opinions or knowledge on not only whats good but whats transportable. I need to be able to move my tools from one location to the next and I currently use tool bags that came with the tools and would like to move on. I been seeing a lot of ads about tough storage systems which hey look great but is it affordable? is it worth purchasing rather then a big tool chest?

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How mobile do you want to be, that's the real question, if your moving around the garage then tool chests will work, I would suggest Harbor Freight or Husky Boxes, a lot of bang for your buck, the Milwaukee ones are very nice too. If your going more mobile Dewalt tough system may be your best bet or Ridgid has a pro stack system too that's a little easier on the wallet but a smaller line.


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How often are you transporting your tools? I mainly keep mine in my garage but I wanted them portable to take to a friend's house or my patio, upstairs etc so I made a box that hangs on a french cleat that holds 2 m18 chargers, 2 m12 chargers, 2 impacts, 2 drills, my hackzall, right angle drill and plenty of room for my bits. It's in my profile pic. The side stores in the bottom and it slides in locking my drills/impacts in their place and closes off the side so I can carry it. It works well and I just plug it in where ever it sits or hangs and my chargers are all ready to use plus I have 2 spare spots in the power strip for a radio or tool.

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