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Make light stay on after trigger release?


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This is something I've looked into. Unless you are super savvy with electronic chip boards and switches your not going to make this happen. It's much more complicated than simply adding in a capacitor on the positive lead. Kudos to Makita for adding that little feature.

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You can use a capacitor but the led will be dimmed til off, and due to the size of capacitor it could be inconvenient, I don't know about the internal space of DeWalts:


The tool should already have the LED resistor, so you just need to buy the capacitor and diode.

-Diode can be 1N4001-1N4007, 1N4001 works better.

-A 3300uF capacitor can hold the LED for about 2.5s before start to dimming:

led current = 23mA

input voltage = 18V

white led voltage drop: 3.6V

C = A * s / V

C = 0.023A * 2.5s / (18-3.6V) ~= 3993uF

-A 6.3V capacitor should be enough, 4V works too and are smaller.

There's another way to hold a led with a capacitor without dimming, but it will require more internal space. Let me know if you need it.

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