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Convert my 18v impact driver to an impact wrench.


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I bought a dewalt  7 piece kit. One of the tools was the impact driver (i also own the 12max impact driver thinking of converting it too)… but I also do light mechanics and would love to own a cordless impact wrench too. I have repaired minor car accidents with my air impact wrench tools before (I have saved big money by doing my own mechanic work… biggest save was about 1400 dollars)… but where I live now is a pain to take out the compressor and air hose to even just change a flat tire.

So I thought I could convert my dc825 by just buying these items only (they are in their way by the way… already bought them so I will know within 2-3 weeks) http://www.ereplacementparts.com/shopping_cart.php?cID=7401&sort=1a&osCsid=232v8atu4ovahug8rogfuoh956

Since I can take anything apart easy (I once took apart a watch for fun and put it back together) I can switch back and forth easy.

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I had plans to modify my second DW056 impact driver and turn it into a DW057 1/2" impact wrench a few months ago.  After researching a bit more I decided against it.

1. I priced out the parts for the mod (housing and anvil).  With shipping and taxes it wasn't that much more to buy a brand new DC820B which was on sale for $109 CAN or DW059B which was on sale for $129 CAN and both were in stock.

2. By doing the mod, although I knew it would work, it wasn't guaranteed.  Plus there was no guarantee that it would do what I wanted it to do as in number 3.

3. Torque.  DW056 - 98 in-lbs.  DC820B - 145 in-lbs.  DW059 - 300 in-lbs.  I needed a tool that could easily drive 1/2" x 6" lag screws into pressure treated 6x6's or remove lug nuts effortlessly.

I ended up buying a DW059 to complement my two DW056's.  I'm happy that I did because I have used both impact drivers at the same time (less frequent bit changes).

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Ok so the parts arrive today and here is the end result....


so for 56 dollars (price includes shipping) I now have a 145 ft lb impact wrench (as a driver 110.833333 ft pounds.) I am guessing this is enough torque to loosen my auto lug nuts (will test). I saw the car manual and I know for sure the torque for them where less than 100 ft lb. That is good enough for my needs and for relatives (they always ask me to work on their cars... what can you say when they know you are handy lol). Also, I need to change front shocks and struts and this will make the job easier :D. also need to change front fender. :( (a teen t-boned me).

i'm happy with my convert though....

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I ended up buying a DW059 to complement my two DW056's.  I'm happy that I did because I have used both impact drivers at the same time (less frequent bit changes).

I just now heard about dw059.... 300 ft lb (3600 inch pound) is a lot more than enough to loosen up lug nuts. I used my air impact wrench to install lug nut bolts once and my air impact it's rated at 250 ft lb max. (guy I know forgot to tighten lug nuts and tire got really loose and broke off on the freeway... luckily nothing big happened. Though all the bolts broke in half).

nice deal.

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I did a similar conversion several years ago to my 14.4 DW054. But I went the 3/8" drive route. In looking at the parts breakdowns, I found the older 12v 3/8" impact nose piece was the same as my 14.4v so for about 15 bucks i just got the anvil, pulled the four screws off. then I disassembled the QR  bit holder and was able to swap the parts. It works good for my quads etc. Especially with the 14.4 lithiums. At the time there was not a 3/8 drive 14.4v, now they have them. Still would like to see a strong ratchet base similar to the angle drill.

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So I tested the drill on a lincoln town car and here is the video... I could not embed the video so there is the link... (javascrips needs to be enabled to view)

View My Video

I don't know where I placed my service manual but here is a quick link that says bellow 150 ft lb for sure... http://www.lincolnsonline.com/forum/showthread.php?t=40378

I still went ahead and quick tested afterwards with one of these


and the lugs where around 150 ft lbs.

Here the parts I bought

Nose Cone (646693-01)

Washer - Urethane (642883-01)

Cone (642886-00)

Anvil (608024-00sv)

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