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dewalt 12V max impact driver DCF815 wobble


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well, I was playing with my 12v max impact driver and I had to take it apart to do something... well when I put it back together and screwed back the clam-shell, my drill all of a sudden developed this wobble.  Like the video shows...


It didn't have it before so that got me a little curious as to what was causing it.... well I haven't figured that out yet, i'm not an engineer :)... but it is inside the hammer assembly for sure... either the planetary gears don't align is certain areas or the something is not balanced inside... e.g. a bearing. or maybe it was designed to go in a certain way?

Any how, I did managed to understand how to make the wobble stop (AKA like it was originally)... the picture speak for themselves.... just posting if someone else experiences the same issues.



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Thanks! You saved me so much frustration, and potentially even the cost of a new impact driver!

I lent my new impact driver to a coworker, and he stripped the driver bit. Instead of putting a new bit on, he started shoving his entire body weight into the driver, and ever since he did that my impact driver has been wobbling so bad it skips out of screw heads before it can drive them at all.

I couldn't find the receipt and can't afford to be without an impact driver for work, so I took it apart to try and find the problem. After a couple hours of taking everything apart and putting it back together repeatedly to try to isolate the problem, I found this post. Within ten minutes I had my impact driver up and running just fine.

I'm never lending my tools to that guy ever again. Ever. I'm horrified that he managed to skip a planetary gear out without opening the tool. Horrified and impressed.

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