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standard (not plus) wobble extensions


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I'm looking for some chrome (not impact) wobble extensions that don't have the plus feature.  So wobble only, not a wobble rigid combination.


I've looked at GearWrench and Genius Tool, but I believe those are both the plus design (push socket on further and they become rigid).  Not surprisingly SK looks like a good wobble only option, but more than I'd like to spend.  I think the Proto design might be wobble plus.


I'm thinking for my target price point maybe something made in Taiwan.  I contacted KTI, their wobble extensions are wobble only, but they have a weird bump at the end.  They look a lot like the Neiko ones.


Does anyone have any suggestions?

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I hate to be that guy but I've had good luck with the Pittsburgh's. Yeah the chrome chips hella fast but they're like five bucks. Yes I would like better ones but I can deal. If you use them day in and day out or you work in a shop that won't allow chipped chrome DO NOT get them.

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Stercorarius - can you confirm if the Pittsburgh are regular wobble, not wobble plus?

Mondo1310, Jimbos1ice - I think the Tekton's are wobble plus.

unclebud - I think the Craftsman's are wobble plus too?

They may be wobble plus. If they are it isn't that noticeable. You can snap them in but just the slightest touch to either side immediately snaps it all wobbly and shit.
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