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  1. Makita_2233

    Latest Rep Gossip

    It’s not far away my Dewalt rep told me,
  2. Makita_2233

    DCS577 Rear Handled Circ Saw Australia

    I don’t think. The reason that tool cost more in Australia is the import tax is higher than Canada. But I think you find property tax is far higher in Canada than Australia. Works out in the end, government needs to make the money up somewhere right.
  3. Makita_2233

    DCS577 Rear Handled Circ Saw Australia

    Don’t see how it’s sucks ? Just how the economy works
  4. Makita_2233

    2x20V lawn mower

    June/August will see a new x2 brushless metal deck mower from Makita, the photos look good
  5. Makita_2233

    Makita 4 in 1 drill

    The electronic clutch is far better. I have this bl Makita drill. It’s a very nice unit
  6. Makita_2233

    Makita 4 in 1 drill

    Been in Australia for 6 years. Great drill, I have one
  7. Makita_2233

    12AH battery

    Internal sources
  8. Makita_2233

    12AH battery

    Multi volt batteries. 18v-36v 36v demo saw 36v chainsaw rumors of a 36v rear handle saw and 36v 7” grinder This is what I’ve heard
  9. Makita_2233

    12AH battery

    You’ll be surprised what they are going to be showing at nps next month
  10. Makita_2233

    What will Makita come out with next?

    Yes next year it’s still in development. A new finish nailer is coming out towards the end of the end
  11. Makita_2233

    What will Makita come out with next?

    Framer is still getting worked on. Next year apparently
  12. Makita_2233

    DCH273 vs DCH293

    The 283 is replacing the 273. The 283 is out in Australia. Also a universal extractor is available that fits on the 283,284,293 and 333. It’s driven mechanically by a drive pin. It’s comes with an adaptor to fit the 283
  13. Makita_2233

    Makita DHR400 SDS Max Cordless X2 Rotary Hammer

    It’s rated at 11.4 joules believe me. That’s the top serect Japanese spec. At woc the Makita killed the the Dewalt 40mm rotary when we ran them side by side. If it was only 8 joules i wouldn’t of expected it to beat the dewalt by nearly a whole hole. The corded Makita is rated at 11.4 joules in Australia. Just wait till the new Dewalt dch733 comes out in June-August it will blow them all away
  14. Makita_2233

    best price for 5.0 or 6.0 ah batterys

    I saw that in Home Depot when I was in the states. You forgot to mention 350 usd plus tax. It’s works out more like $500 Australian dollars. I bought the rear handle bare. Wasn’t worth buying the kit and plus the charger is 110v