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  1. It’s already out and available. 3 adapter available, X2 36v, XGT and direct plug in tools.
  2. Metabo have a mid size 1/2” wrench too
  3. It’s in bunnings now. I’ve seen the 10.8v drill and 3.0ah battery in bunnings so far
  4. There will be no new batteries for the lxt platform. 6ah 18650 will be the biggest for lxt
  5. It’s not backwards compatible, it’s pretty clear it isn’t. It will be just another platform in makita’s line. Can’t see then ditching their 18v line. It’s possible the tools are multi voltage and 18v batteries will work on these new tools. There is an adapter being shown, but just speculation at the moment. The global press release is in a few days
  6. Early 2018 they changed to 21700 cells
  7. The xr 6.0 will slightly outperform the fv 6.0. I got 10 cuts of 150mm x 8mm thick flat bar with fv 6.0 and 10 1/4 cuts with xr 6.0. It was a xr 6.0 with 20700 and both tests were done with Dewalt’s 18v brushless 5” grinder
  8. On Metabo’s website they makes this claim, it was also on a Metabo flyer at one point. I’ve been using the 7” for a few weeks now and I can’t really tell the difference in power between a 5.5 and 8 besides the poor runtime when using a 5.5. 7” wheels are available pretty readily and cheaper than 9” wheel. It has nearly the same grind/cut depth as a 9”. The cordless 7” is very compact, it’s the same body size has their cordless 5”s
  9. If you want maximum power for the 9” 5.5ah put out more power than 8.0s. Obviously 8.0s will give longer runtime
  10. You get any 8.0ah batteries yet ? Have you look at Metabo’s 7” cordless grinder ? It has the same depth of cut as a 9”. On another note 100x100 shs doesn’t come in 8mm thick, there’s 6mm and 9mm
  11. The a4 makita flyer with their range of tools that comes in makita boxes, well a picture of the x2 12” mitre has been there since around August 2018
  12. Wouldn’t recommend using the 680 at all to cut metal. Makita will void the warranty if found out it was used to cut metal, that’s if you had a warranty problem I guess. From memory a 165mm metal cutting blade is 5000 and the 680 is 5000, that’s push the blade at its limit. It will dull quickly. If I’m cutting steel on the 551 with the saw 45° to me I can feel chips hitting, it would be worst with the 680 because it doesn’t have that clear PC cover. The 553 is a lot better with the chip collection. FYI the 680 and 533 both have a 20mm arbor, will be the same in most metric countries. The North America 680 as a 5/8 arbor and their 533 has a 20mm arbor
  13. They’re available on eBay. Should be released to other countries very soon but
  14. One of the younger Dewalt’s rep gave me that information. He asked someone else. Also was told it was only for overhead and vertical drilling
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