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  1. isaiahb85

    Gen 2 M12 drill weight

    Very nice. I love it! I might tackle that myself soon. I already have both drills. Any tips or pointers?
  2. isaiahb85

    Differences between these rocket lights?

    That's (kind of) good to hear. Hopefully they will do the same for mine. I dropped mine off at a repair center, so I'm hoping is less likely I get a "normal wear and tear" spiel. My light too is nearly new and obviously barely. In my opinion, that makes it a clear manufacturer defect.
  3. isaiahb85

    DeWalt Seating solutions

    I like this a lot. I wish more companies would make more "jobsite tough" items like this. I prefer buying something once and being done with it. I do hope they come out with a few collapsible models for transportation and storage in your truck/van.
  4. isaiahb85

    DCL070 Large Area Light - 1/2 off

    Aren't you supposed to hang this light style from the ceiling?
  5. isaiahb85

    The new tripod light...

    Are the telescoping collars metal or plastic? I've had issues with the plastic one breaking on the original Rocket light.
  6. isaiahb85

    Gen 2 M12 drill weight

    The PS22 is fantastic! An excellent example of a tool that knows exactly what it is and what it will be used for.
  7. isaiahb85

    Gen 2 M12 drill weight

    Milwaukee's ergonomics generally seem very poor. I'm not sure why, but they don't seem to focus on that at all. Their focus seems to be primarily on power (vs performance, which is different) and over-engineered durability. These new drills are a huge step in the right direction, however. The last M12 hammer drill was embarrassingly large. It's head was virtually identical to the M18 model.
  8. isaiahb85

    Gen 2 M12 drill weight

    I appreciate that too. I also like that it is out from the tool body a bit, rather than right against it.
  9. isaiahb85

    Need help shopping for tools

    PM sent.
  10. isaiahb85

    Need help shopping for tools

    I'm sorry to hear that. I just hate when stuff is stolen from me. Much more than the items or the cost, I hate the feeling.
  11. isaiahb85

    Differences between these rocket lights?

    I have one in for warranty service now. I wonder if they will replace the collars with metal ones. I hope so!
  12. isaiahb85

    Differences between these rocket lights?

    That's good to see. The plastic ones were junk. They didn't follow the company motto:"NBHD". (For that matter, neither does the 18V box vacuum--definitely the cheapest plastic I've seen on a vacuum.)
  13. isaiahb85

    TCT Spyder Hole Saw Review

    I agree this is a great kit. And case is absolute garbage, as stated. You can buy the quick-change arbors separately and they should work with your existing hole saws. They are worth it.
  14. isaiahb85

    OMT outlet box cutter

    Wouldn’t that apply to any method of cutting? And what professional cuts without first scanning and knowing exactly what’s behind the wall? What is wrong with the term technician? It seems a common nomenclature for LV/datacomm electricians, for whom this tool is primarily designed.
  15. isaiahb85

    OMT outlet box cutter

    I’ve not tried them on plaster, but I imagine it wouldn’t work well. Likely very slow and may dull the blade. I am exclusively commercial/industrial so plaster is very uncommon. I really wish they would offer an alternative fitment instead of the proprietary DeWalt connection. It works, but I have to turn it sideways on my Bosch OMT. It will not work with some newer OMT models.