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  1. Wow! I bought 2 of the 9.0 batteries a couple of weeks ago. They were on sale for $99. These batteries are savage beasts. Tried them in many of my tools and I'm super impressed. Yes, they're big but tools have tons of power and I haven't depleted one of them yet. These new Octane tools and batteries have won me over big time.
  2. Picked up 2 new Ridgid 9.0 batteries. Not much smaller than a toaster (haha) so they should pack some major run time.
  3. Picked up 2 of the 9.0 batteries last night. Anxious to get them in this bad boy drill and tear some stuff up.
  4. Jimbo, I switched from Milwaukee to Ridgid when they first came out (nicad/nimh days) and have no plans on going back. Not saying Ridgid is better or vice versa, but Ridgid is definitely the best bang for the buck when it comes to contractor grade tools. Honesty, I like having the different tool color on jobs. Makes it harder to get my stuff confused with most other's tools. The Octane line appears to be quite improved similar to when Milwaukee released their "Fuel" line and now Gen3. A lot of people complain about the Ridgid lifetime service plan being difficult to complete. I strongly disagree. If you can read your receipt and serial numbers on the tools, the process is really simple. Even if it was a tad difficult, no other company even offers it. Of ALL of my Ridgid tools over all of the years I had them I had one cordless drill randomly shut off from time to time and one battery fade out, both after several years of jobsite use and abuse. I didn't use the warranty service. I was happy enough. My partner is a Milwaukee guy and we constantly use each other's tools. He's mentioned on many occasions that if he had it to do over again he'd have gone Ridgid due to the equal performance, but much better price point. To each his own. Many slam Ridgid despite never using them but that usually just makes me laugh a bit. Use what you like and what works for you and you'll have a good productive day.
  5. A little more time with this drill and absolutely loving it. Still shocks me grabbing a big handful of trigger. The old saying "too much power is just enough" totally applies. Years ago if someone told me that cordless drills were going to have over 1000 inch pounds of torque I would've asked what they were smoking, and if I can have some too.
  6. I have no problem spending a lot more on a tool if it's going to be used regularly, however, this will be used for this job then only on rare occasions after that so I can't justify $1500 or more for a Bosch, Hilton, etc. Thanks for the input guys.
  7. Any experience with this? Need one for a small (5×7) concrete patio and 2 poured steps. Don't mind buying this being pretty inexpensive and would have it for not so frequent future demo projects. Goods and bad if y'all have experience please. Thanks!
  8. Have one of these on the way that my wife surprised me with. Been picking up equipment for a small home workshop (planer, jointer, bandsaw, belt/spindle sander, etc) and this is the planer that I really wanted after reading more reviews and watching more videos than I can remember. How are y'all's experiences with this planer?
  9. My wife picked this hammer drill/driver for me a couple of weeks ago. So far I've used it a couple of times drilling holes in cabinets with varying hole saws. Drill is incredibly powerful compared to my other brushless Ridgid drills which are no slouches. Heard about issues with the clutch loosening during use but so far haven't noticed this. Battery fit (the 3.0 Octane battery that was included in the kit) is a bit off compared to my other Ridgid drills and impact drivers. Even when snapped in the battery has a little more than 1/8" of forward/backwards movement. It's not loose and you have to try to move it. Hasn't caused an issue with performance so it's just something for me to keep an eye on. All in all, the drill is a savage so far. Definitely utilize the auxiliary handle when using hole saws because if the hole saw gets stuck you'll pray that your grip lets go before your arm gets twisted off. Great addition to my deep Ridgid cordless platform.
  10. While I have owned Dewalt cordless tools in the past, they are not my cordless tools of choice currently, with the exception of their cordless drywall gun which I absolutely love. I don't even reach for my corded Hilton anymore. I do still have my first Dewalt circular saw that I bought over 25 years ago and it works great. I do really like Dewalt miter saws. Of my 5 miter saws, 3 of them are Dewalt (10", 12" dual bevel, and recently bought the DW799 12" dual bevel slider). I was ready to spring for the 12" Bosch axial glide saw but ended up picking up the Dewalt for $329 which I couldn't pass up. After a few minor adjustments to square everything up I'm really pleased with it. I have a few Dewalt corded angle grinders too that have served me well. Rounding out my Dewalt stuff are my 4.5 gallon wheeled compressor for big jobs and the "Ultimate" trim compressor for my trim jobs. That little fella is great.
  11. 2nd the question regarding the regulated pressure. I run my flooring stapler at 95-100 psi and have no issues with 3/4" oak or hickory.
  12. Great deal on the Dewalt 735x (in feed and out feed tables/extra set of knives) planer and Dewalt planer stand included on the way, courtesy of my wife. Been eyeballing this planer for a while so I'm pretty excited. Don't know what I do to deserve it, but she spoils me when it comes to my "tool cravings ".
  13. I bought this sander and really wanted to like it. First use of about 5 minutes it felt as if it was suction cupped to the board and was very difficult to move around. Next try it only vibrated like a 1/4 sheet sander and wouldn't spin. Took it back that day.
  14. I love Ridgid's orange/black scheme, but I do feel extra cool when I bust out my black Ridgid tools.
  15. I've been a contractor for over 20 years. I use cordless drills, saws, and impact drivers daily. Ridgid is without a doubt a full on contractor grade tool. Of course Ridgid has a few tools in their line that I wouldn't use if they were given to me, but every brand has a handful of lemon tools. I can not defend them in regards to having far less bare tools available in their lineup. But I have just about anything I could need with them. Most of the cordless tools that are not available with Ridgid, I find that many of them really shouldn't be cordless anyway. In my personal job trailer I have a minimum of 5 cordless drills, 5 cordless impact drivers, cordless impact wrench, 2 cordless 7&1/4 circular saws, 2 cordless reciprocating saws, 2 cordless angle grinders, cordless hand planer, cordless jigsaw, and their jobsite fan. The rest of the tools (corded) in my trailer are represented by most of the other brands so I do not only buy Ridgid. Milwaukee, Dewalt, and Makita all have very good cordless tools, but I would not trade my cordless Ridgid platform even if I could for free.
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