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  1. Use the UWO of 360. 360W/18V=20A. 80% efficient so that's 25A draw.
  2. Doubt it. In some woods it fails at 2 9/16. Maybe through an ijoist flange but not a floor. If you're running 3" pipe you need something else.
  3. Might be about time to move to the current tools. 20v max 4.0 packs are almost identical real world capacity, and you'll have more tools and development coming down the pike.
  4. 1: Watt hours = nominal voltage time amp-hours. Nominal voltage is the average voltage over the course of discharging. 2&3 not sure and possibly, but its certainly nothing from that graph, those are high capacity cells, not high power cells. I don't think the q50b means it's different than the spec sheet.
  5. It still bugs me that they call this a 40 watt hour battery. Sure it's 20v max, I don't have a problem with that. It's measurable. But you won't get 40 watt hours out of it.
  6. I store my 723 vertically and it takes up very little room.
  7. I'm a big fan of the DWX723 and just bought my second one. Quick to set up, easy to carry, supports 12' material all to the left of the blade. The replaceable material supports are flimsy compared to the rest of the stand but I haven't broken them. On one I broke the clamp release lever for the saw mount.
  8. Yeah this would be nice. No resistor needed. The nano 18v batteries are actually higher voltage than 20v max.
  9. I thought the brake was just shorting the motor, rather than reverse current. Isn't this switch somewhere in the trigger? Funny thing, I've also found I don't want the electric brake before, while mixing things. I just let off the trigger just enough so the brake doesn't engage. Takes a little practice.
  10. Yes, 54V will be pretty powerful I imagine, but longevity will be approximately zero.
  11. I'm not surprised. I wouldn't call it catching up, it's just being smart and not being brand loyal. They will use whatever is the best available as far as price/performance to keep competitive.
  12. Those INR18650-20R cells seem to be very good too! More than 2.0 amp hours at 20 amp discharge: http://budgetlightforum.com/node/18537 Has anyone had a chance to take apart the DeWalt 4.0 packs? Are they using these great new cells too? How about Bosch?
  13. Is that too much? Why not make a 15 cell battery. Still lighter than 36 volt. The circ saw would still be lighter than corded.
  14. You're only missing that many of the 36v batteries available are lower amp-hours. Dewalt 36v batteries are 2.2 amp hour. The new 18v 4.0 amp hour batteries are almost as good and much smaller.
  15. First try no extension cord if you are using one. Also might try a new 15a breaker. Some have different trip curves. A new 15 amp breaker might allow 135 Amps for the first 1/3 second tapering down to 30 amps for 10 seconds. And not tripping on 15 amps for a minute or more. The 135 amps is magnetic tripping and the lower numbers are thermal tripping, which build up over time. Shorter cords will reduce voltage drop, which can lower amperage draw for the same task, and help as well.
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