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  1. Two brand new M18 Sawzalls were doing this to me, sent them both in for warranty service. One came back working normal, the other repeated the problem a few times and then started working normally. If your saw is less than five years old box it up and send it in.
  2. A rolling tool/work cart like the discontinued Trade Titan with slide out shelves for mounting packout toolboxes and organizers.
  3. Ball valve wrench https://www.google.com/search?rlz=1C1GGGE_enUS464US465&biw=1280&bih=617&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=h1T2XKv0E8u1ggefk7ywDQ&q=ball+valve+wrench&oq=ball+valve+wrench&gs_l=img.12..0j0i7i5i30j0i5i30j0i8i30.24988.28738..31414...0.0..0.103.689.3j4......0....1..gws-wiz-img.......0i7i30j0i8i7i30.DhDC3-lKVbk#imgrc=dtEJXrm3c1K0aM:
  4. I have a Bosch Model 1582 Barrel grip and a power off issue I thought had to be the trigger assembly ended up being the power cord, shorting out where it entered the saw.
  5. Used this to break 1-3/4" bolts that wouldn't budge with a wrench and a cheater bar. Made an aerial job faster, easier, and safer.
  6. Compact organizer with closed cell foam in place of the bins.
  7. Reconditioned M18 Fuel Surge, and a Packout Compact organizer, removed the bins from the organizer and added Minicell foam. I think Milwaukee should sell Packout tool boxes that size.
  8. Dewalt was my go to tool brand for many years, we used to say: "If it's not yellow and black, send it back" unfortunately the 12v and 18v Nicad batteries were junk. I switched to Makita 18v Lithium Ions when I realized how much better the batteries were, and I switched over to Milwaukee when I realized their batteries were almost as good as the Makitas, but they had, for my purposes, a better selection of tools. My cordless tools are mostly all Milwaukee, except we still use Makita impact guns and drills. My Dewalt battery tools are almost all gone, every year when my local tool supplier has a trade in deal I give him a handful of dewalt tools in exchange for a pair of batteries or $100 off a Milwaukee kit.
  9. I need a folding handtruck style dolly with the packout clamp system on the base, I keep toying with the idea of bolting one of the thin organizers to one of my handtrucks, but I would really like one that folds up when I'm not using it. I would also like to have several tool boxes like the 8424, but half the width, so I could clamp two of them side by side like the 8435 organizer. Let us not forget the elusive wall mounting plate, glimpsed in blog posts and tool reviews but never seen in a retail location.
  10. Milwaukee high torque impact wrench and protective boot. This thing is a beast.
  11. Closed cell foam from Foam N More Inc, glued in place with 3m weatherstripping adhesive.
  12. I keep catching glimpses of the wall mount on blog sites and in articles, but I can't seem to find a US retailer with it available, has anyone been able to purchase it?
  13. I agree that the system is priced high, but, once I picked up a few pieces and started using them I was hooked. The organizers are perfect for the way that I set up my hardware, I feel like Milwaukee was listening to all the complains people had about other organizers. If you are still listening Milwaukee, I really need some flat mounting plates for trucks or walls, or enclosed trailer benches so the packouts can lock in securely when moving. Oh yeah, and a rolling cart without the big tool box on the bottom.
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