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Self leveling rotary lasers tips and recommendations


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So I looked around the forum searching for a rotary laser recommendations/buying guide and couldn't find one, if there is one this thread can be closed. I'm looking for a rotary laser that's self leveling and  the accuracy is at least 1/16 of an inch/100ft. With some searching i've been able to find topcon's rl-h4c to be a good fit for what I need but a bit expensive( I'm looking for a laser that's around 400$ or 300£). It doesn't need to be a dual slope laser(those are probably way over the price range) and color of the laser isn't too important(greens seem to be more expensive) and a minimum of IP56 would be preffered, so if you have or know a laser like this I would love to know about it(brand/model/price) Thanks for all the answers in advance.



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On 3.9.2016 at 1:11 PM, KnarlyCarl said:

Do you have Bosch available in your area? What is their laser selection like?

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Yes we have Bosch available and pretty much everything available in UK or Europe, prices in Finland just are high so i like to buy  form Germany or UK. Thanks for all the answers so far.

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