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Dewalt DC710 12-volt Max Drill


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Just picked up the DC710 this past weekend.  Opened it up and put the battery pack on and immediately noticed the chuck visibily wobbling when running on max RPMS.   Doesn't seem to feel smooth.  Took drill back to Lowes and the second one had the same issue.  Question here is the chuck supposed to wobble like this? 

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it's been discussed before, but the chuck wobbling may not be of concern, it's the bit wobbling that is... take a long bit, that you know is straight as an arrow, chuck it in the drill, spin the drill slowly and see what the end of the bit does

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Its more kg a nuisance than anything, I've had 2 drills with wobble, 1 I no longer have but the other is a makita 12v cxt wobbles a decent amount, if your getting the micrometer out than yea its going to not be the most accurate but overall you want really notice in the results


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Often the "ratcheting sleeve" (I don't know what to call it) isn't perfectly aligned. The chuck can spin true while looking wobbly. Putting a bit in will show the truth. My XR Dewalt's are better than my Fuel 2704 which in turn is better than my 2701 in that regard. 

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