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Rob Cosman plane video


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This is a short but interesting video. 


I am currently enrolled in Robs Power/Hand tool workshop as well as his hand tool only workshop. I can honestly say I have learned more in a few short weeks from Rob's videos than I have in my entire life building stuff.


They have an odd format (you might call it unprofessional) where they do unedited (or try) 30 minute videos where Rob walks you through the process of building something. A project may include over 100 thirty minute videos. During these builds we often get interpreted by Rob stopping to sharpen a drill bit or make a jig. At first I thought it was a waste of my time but in the end I either learn something or reinforced something I though was happening. The videos show the screw-ups and what it takes to fix them.  The Cosman videos are nothing like the highly edited professional videos you see online where they remove the screw up and you sit there thinking the guy is a wood God. To add to the unique format the camera guy is usually involved in the conversation giving tips or sharing things he can see from his vantage point.


Their format makes you feel like you are in the shop and even though I have never met them I feel like I know Rob, his son Jake, Dave, and even Frick (the tech guy that edits and publishes the videos for them). One other thing I want to mention is the great things Rob does to help wounded warriors which include veterans with PTSD who attend his classes and deal with their condition.


One of the things I have learned is a plane might need to be sharpened several times a day to do the things I want to use them for. I need to learn his simple method of sharpening as I dont have the patience to pull out my veritas jig that often and try to sharpen a plane or chisel.  I can assure you, his method works because I have watched him hundreds of time  clean up joints are plane end grain and the outcome is perfect. Sanding afterwards typically degrades the finish.


Anyway, for those woodworkers that have not ran across Rob Cosman.. Enjoy !



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