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  1. I really needed something bad. I was going to put it on end my new bench but starting to get some money wrapped up in planes and did not want them close to the floor where they could get splashed with water or something.
  2. Looks like a nice plane. Cant wait to hear your thoughts but I am sure you will love it. My #62 is my favorite plane so far. Makes a great shooting board plane too. I bought the "hot dog" for mine for that reason. I need to know more about your vise I am 105 videos into Cosmans bench build series and am more confused than when I started. I dont think I want to go to the level of build he has. Also, last week I had a head off my hotrod and engine parts laying on the bench. Was thinking... do I really want a "nice" bench. So not sure what I need.
  3. Good looking stuff. I just got that same spokeshave a couple weeks ago. Have not had a need to use it yet but will I think the Shapton is the way to go. I am going to get a 10 or 16 thousand for the final and probably the 1000 as well. I love my trends for flatness but cant say I am thrilled with the edge they leave. Is the Veritas the 4 1/2 you were talking about getting?
  4. You should be able to convert anything. The problem is a decent 2000psi reel is going to cost as much as the pressure washer.
  5. I guess that depends what you are drilling. Bits are a complex subject. I have bits dedicated for the drill press and then several sets for the hand drill. I also keep a FastCap drill bit system on the bench just because of how they are colored and organized. They are quality bits but nothing special and would not recommend them for someone drilling a bunch of stainless etc. I dont think I have ever had decent bits from the big box stores.
  6. I noticed this the other day. I cant imagine they would drop the 1400 as its their normal size router. 1010 is too small and 2200 is a beast.
  7. OK, its been 10 minutes. Are you done yet? I want to see it painted
  8. rrmccabe

    Track Saws

    Probably right. Mine came with 1/4 and 1/2 and I later added a 8mm.
  9. Well in my case it limited me to some better tools. Not one company has the best of everything. I got in a rut. I had Dewalt 18volt stuff and the batteries were not cheap and did not last that long. I kept buying kits to get more batteries and ended up with at least 4 drills. Depends on your needs. Just telling you that its liberating to give up sticking with one brand. Keeps you out of the rut. Keep in mind whatever you buy, the batteries are not going to last forever !
  10. The best power tool decision I made was stop being brand loyal. I kept doing it to keep common batteries. Once I gave up on just Dewalt and added Bosch and Milwaukee my tool collection became so much better. I think being brand loyal for the sake of batteries drags you down !
  11. rrmccabe

    Track Saws

    Not only that, I have been selling imperial labels for Festool track saws and routers for at least 5 years. Have sold over 800 of them in US and half dozen other countries. The new TS 55 comes with imperial and metric labels as setbuilder said. As far as I know the routers are all still metric only. 1010, 1400 and 2200.
  12. Hard to beat benchcrafted stuff. I have their Moxon which is a nice but the major drawback of the threads sticking out. I am pretty sure I am going to outfit my bench with a closes tail vise like Robs current bench. In the first video of this series he shows his previous tail vises and what was wrong with them. Hard to say at this point as I dont see myself doing as much hand tool stuff as he does.
  13. Well I would like to build a traditional bench with some old world joinery. The more I learn the more I realize I dont know what I am doing and why some of my other benches failed. I am watching Rob Cosmans series on building a workbench which is 170 videos that are 1/2 hour long. Maybe after watching that I will go back to designing one that will work for me that needs to be wider than his. Yours looks great. I am impressed with your plane work for the limited experience you say you have with it. Really impressed !
  14. Looks great. I am still in design mode so you are smoking me with your progress.
  15. Only on my 750HP trailblazer which I run Joe Gibbs LS oil in. Everything else I pay to do at a dealer that one of my best buds works at. I trust him to work on my stuff.
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