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M18 hole hawg advice


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Hey everyone.  New to the forums. 


Just bought a m18 hole hawg the other day and I’d like to get some opinions on it.   I’m a plumber and will be using the tool to rough in homes.  My hope is that the drill can handle a 2 9/16 self feeding bit.  I know it’s rated for up to a 2” self feeding bit but I’m wondering if I put the 12.0 battery on it do you think I can drill a 2 9/16 with it?  I figured I’d give the hole hawg a shot before getting the super hawg.  I don’t need to drill anything over 2 9/16 so if it can do that then great but if not it looks like I have to get the super hawg 

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I can't speak as a pro, but I have used a 2 9/16 self feeding bit in a borrowed hole hawg when I was running computer cable for my home office. It was able to go through the plates well enough, but if I'm being honest, it was a bit taxed a few times.  Now, I was only drilling a couple of holes and I was going through 40 year old lumber, so it's not a direct comparison to a pro roughing in an entire new house.  If you're going to be doing lots of that size drilling, I suspect that it would be worth it to upgrade, but I'd say give it a shot and see how it goes.  That thing had a TON of torque, so it might work out for you just fine.

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Ok so in case anyone wants to know I got the 12.0 battery and it’s night and day.  This thing blows through wood with ease using a dull 2 9/16 bit .  Even with the big 12.0 battery it’s still

super compact compared to the super hawg.   I also put the 12.0 on my m18 drill and the thing will drill the 2 9/16 bit on hi speed!  Before with my XX battery it would hardly make it through on low speed.   The battery is awesome.  So it the hole hawg. 

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