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water resistant


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My old man borrowed my dcf610 to fix some work on his bridge. Do not drop my driver in the water I told him. Next minute  both the driver and my old man where in the water.

Anyway, I took the driver apart and after a good drying it work nice again. First it was something wrong with the trigger switch but after I took of the heatzink and let i dried more in a warm air wind it now works. But the battery, i works good but only take charge for about 20 minutes, after that the charger indicate bad battery. You can empty the battery again and charge for another 15 to 20 minutes before bad battery starts to indicate again so something went wrong.

But what I want to say is, the electric curciut in the battery and switches should be water protected. I now you are not supposed to have the tools below water surface but accidents happen easy and we are talking about very expensive profesional tools, they should be able to take this kind of accidents. It must be easy to make the triggers water resistant and that small circiut board in the battery must be easy to put some kind of gel over to protect from water and moisture. Do I ask for to much or does you guys agree with me?

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Anything related to electronics should alway's be thoroughly dried out before you put any current through it.

Tools, and batteries are water resistant.... meaning the occasional rain storm, or somebody spilling their drink on it. A full immersion under water is more along the lines of waterproof. In this case, Dewalt is not. Try taking your battery apart and drying off the 3 chipboards inside.


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