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Cutting Stone


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Thanks, Gatorb888.

Although I purchased the 745 for cutting / ripping wood, I asked about the possibility of cutting through manufactured block because I think I noticed a blade for the 745 that is the 10" version of a 4" blade I have on a hand-held mini-saw.

The 3 1/8" limitation is easy to work with: I can simply flip the block and finish the cut. Since the block will only be used for outdoor applications, imperfect cuts are fine.

My concern is with two issues. First, would the saw have enough power to get through the block? Second, would the dust from cutting block / pavers / brick be especially damaging to the saw?


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Will you be cutting curved edges like in this video:

A table saw wouldn't be able to do that, especially safely.

If it's just straight cuts you'll be doing I would get a 14" chop saw with a masonry abrasive wheel. Curved cuts, you may have to go with a grinder + cutting wheel like in the video, or a circ saw like MBERMUDEZ said.

The table saw does have a 15 amp motor and just about the same RPM as a 14" chop saw but I just don't know if will have the power, like you mentioned. It may be able to do it but probably isn't great for the saw and may be a little dangerous. Plus the fact that the concrete would ruin the base of your table saw when sliding it.

EDIT: Also, unlike this guy in the video above don't wear socks and sandals when grinding please.

Here is how the pros do it:


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