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Dcd995 chuck wobble


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Are you sure you're not just talking about the play in the spindle?  All hammer drills have a slight give if you grab onto it and move it side to side, that's for the hammer action.  I have two DCD985's and several Makitas all the hammer drills and even the impact drivers have a slight give in the shaft.  Once centripetal force begins however, it dissipates with speed.

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Every company has a defective unit every now and then, for whatever reason, and no one is totally immune.  I have a cousin who bought a brand new BMW M3 a few years ago and the engine threw a rod within the first year.  Even though it was covered under warranty, he still had to wait a month or more for them to replace the engine!  That's approximately a 70k dollar car from one of the premiere car manufacturers in the world.  I have had one defective Dewalt drill over the years.  It was model #925, which wasn't around very long, but just like yours it was promptly replaced with little inconvenience.  Can you imagine paying 70k for a new car then having to wait a month for a new engine?

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