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Oriental rug dealer uses Bosch


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That's for sure. If they don't have a calculator you can see their brain grind to a halt!

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then after 4 minutes of awkward silence you say just give me a $10 dollar bill......and they still look around like to say supervisor I need help....

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Yup it's sad to see where our youth are going I'm trying my best to keep my kids off all these electronics that u see kids with nowadays don't get me wrong my kids get to play ps4 and get on the iPad here and there but no electronics mon-thurs on those days I have them play outside on there bikes and scooters or play with there toys I love to see my kids get dirty it really doesn't bother to see them being kids like I was luckily we've been blessed with some awesome children who don't cry about being on a phone or tablet they live to be outside chasing each other while my cousins kids are stuck crying for there tablet just sitting there and those dang things! Sorry crew had to get that out of my system ;)

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and yet they come home with this crap in the 4th grade...


You Canadians are much harder in the 4th grade with your math apparently[emoji6] . Derivatives and integrals in first grade the differential equations in second grade!

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