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  1. M12 Fuel Impact vs. Surge

    I'm considering buying a M18 Surge to go along with my M12 Fuel Impact. The M12 has plenty of power for what I do and I was wondering if they are comparable to each other in power? The most difficult work it would be doing is a 3 inch tapcon screw. I know that the Surge is considerably weaker than the regular Fuel impact, but I figure that someone out there has both tools.
  2. Milwaukee Billet Torpedo Level

    Ok, now I see it. Being computer illiterate, I didn't realize they were videos. When I buy a piece of equipment, I don't buy from a company that specializes in something else. My truck is a ford, not a Nissan. My power tools are Milwaukee, not Chicago, my hunting dog is a German shorthaired pointer, not a shitzu, my levels are Stabila, not Milwaukee. I get companies want to make more money and they expand in order to do that, but Milwaukee bought Empire and they make damn good levels. Why make levels to compete with a company they just bought?
  3. Milwaukee Billet Torpedo Level

    This may be a stupid question, but is it possible that its not the Milwaukee that is off? Maybe the Milwaukee is more sensitive than the other level, hence the bubble looks further off than what it is?
  4. Flexvolt problem

    My m18 batteries stay in my toughbox on the back of my truck all winter. If the batteries can't take the abuse, I'll check into a system that can. So far after two winters they all work well. I guess I'm a rookie too.
  5. Milwaukee Power Tool Deal Thread

    That’s an incredible deal!
  6. Keeping Jobsite Clean?

    I'm a masonry contractor and my jobsites can get pretty messy at times. Usually by 2 pm the jobsite is a wreck, but I always make sure the last 30 min or so are spent organizing and cleaning. A lot of times the mess isn't totally put away, just organized better.
  7. Accounting software

    I'm planning on changing accounting software on Jan 1, just wondering what a good, EASY, online accounting software would work for my small masonry construction business. I was looking at Quickbooks online, but I was afraid that it may be too complicated.
  8. OSHA Silica Enoforcment

    My saw does do that as well, and it does a great job at cutting down the dust. But when I'm working at a new construction home where there is no water or electric there's not many options for dust control.
  9. OSHA Silica Enoforcment

    I'm usually a one-man crew masonry contractor, and usually I'm just cutting one or two concrete block every so often. If that's the case, I'll take a long breath and cut quickly. If it's a lot of cutting, I'll wear a respirator. If they can come up with a cordless and waterless solution to suck up the dust, I'm all for it, but until then I'll probably end up taking deep breaths.
  10. M12 Power port

    Considering buying the m12 power port. How quickly does it charge cell phones? How many times will it charge a phone? Is the m18 power port much better?
  11. what does everyone do for a living

    I'm a masonry contractor. Foundations, chimneys, stone veneer, bricks, etc. I started going to work with my dad when I was 7. Full time when I was 16. Started my own business when I was 28. I've never done anything else except a second job as a pizza delivery guy. I always tell my wife I lay things all day and when I get home I'd like to have it happen to me!
  12. Worst Milwaukee Tool

    I had the original milwaukee m18 grinder. I didn't realize how much the Fuel version outclassed it until I bought the fuel. Granted, it lasted me a long time, but the battery run time was not good. The Fuel version is infinitely better.
  13. Favorite NPS17 Announcement?

    I would like to see Milwaukee make the boxes the tools come in fit with the packout system. You need to buy a new impact? Just click the box on the stack.
  14. It official now 6/7/2017

    Yeah the storage looks cool. I'm interested in the specs of the M12 Fuel gen 2 tools. Can we expect power similar to compact 18v tools? The gen 1 got pretty close with the impact.
  15. It official now 6/7/2017

    Gotta agree with the idea of competition to the tough system. The Milwaukee tool box that is supposed to compete with the tough system just doesn't cut it. I won't be in the market for a "carryzall" because I bought the tough system and couldn't be happier.