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  1. I absolutely love it hahaha😁
  2. you can buy "Ever Boots Tank Soft Toe Work Boots for Man" or Skechers Relment Pelmo Waterproof Chukka Boots for Man both of these shoes are rugged and have an excellent Toe protection.
  3. Suggest me a jigsaw that has the best battery life.
  4. I haven't bought anything today, But Was looking to buy a new orbital sander. Any suggestions on what to buy?
  5. Can anyone suggest me a good hand jigsaw?
  6. Thank you for the test result. I think I'm gonna get one of these
  7. Hey I wish I could be on WOC 2020. But guess I'll watch it on youtube.
  8. What is the best tool wall organizer for woodwork?
  9. Remember about using proper blade, proper depth and proper safety.
  10. Learned many things from this thread haha.
  11. the Circular Saw Blade is a great piece of power tools. to buy more power tools.
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