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  1. I'm pretty happy with it. Easily moves cool air from our 1st floor to the 2nd floor when needed. More than happy with the purchase. 1 hour 42 minutes on high on a 4.0ah battery.
  2. Moze

    DeWalt 20v Mower

    Thanks! Completely agree! Yeah, they just don't have the torque of a gas mower so they're definitely going to struggle with wet grass. But under normal conditions, they're pretty great.
  3. Moze

    DeWalt 20v Mower

    I scored this off 5miles for $230. Super happy with it. I've seen lots of differing opinions on this mower. Some have made it sound like it's a piece of junk....namely the ridiculous video Dirt Monkey did calling it '1st place for the worst mower of the year' while proceeding to run it in mulching mode through deep, wet grass. Ok, news flash - pretty sure DeWalt didn't intend it to perform in heavy wet grass. It's not a head-to-head competitor for gas mowers. It's advertised as 'perfect for properties up to 1/4 acre'. Common sense would also indicate that since it's battery powered, that 1/4 acre wouldn't be comprised of high wet grass. Dan and Eric noted how run time sucked with the 5ah batteries. I definitely believe that. With the Flexvolt batteries though, it's great. I ran it with the 9ah Flexvolt batteries and was able to mow my entire yard with juice to spare. I then took those same two batteries out of the mower and put one in the new Flexvolt blower and the other in the 20v trimmer and was able to trim, edge and blow everything and still had juice left. So does this thing suck? With the 5ah batteries, yeah, the RUN TIME probably does. With the 9ah though, it's great. I have about 10 Flexvolt batteries and after reading/watching the "horror stories", I figured I'd be going through all of my batteries. Pretty happy that one pair gave me enough juice to mow, trim, edge and blow. The cut quality is also very good. I have thick St. Augustine grass and it cut great. The mower is also very light, even with the steel deck. Bottom line, I love this thing and am completely happy with it.
  4. Picked one up yesterday. Took a pic to show how it compares in size to the others. It's the longest with the previous 60v next, then the 20v. The thing moves a ton of air and feels more balanced and less bulky than the previous 60v one.
  5. I'm deep deep into DeWalt, but I can't part with my Ryobi stuff because they keep releasing tools like this. Walking around Home Depot today and see this sitting there. Haven't seen mention of it anywhere. It's possible I missed it but anyway, pretty thrilled to have found these. Makita has one pretty similar to this that is 15" and from what I could find, produces 245 cfm (that seems low...it's gotta be higher). This is 18" and advertised as producing up to 2400 cfm. No clue as to the accuracy of the above cfm numbers, but I have the Ryobi going in my office and the thing is moving a ton of air. Very, very happy to have found this. I'm picturing hot days, working out of the van, this thing on high, keeping me a bit cooler...
  6. Saw that this morning - good news!
  7. They're called Long Reach Diagonal Cutters. Irwin makes some that are nearly identical to that. There are also a few on Amazon.
  8. Saw mention of it months ago on Instagram but can't locate anything on it now. Anyone know anything...?
  9. I was thinking of it for being on the bottom of the Tstak cart but I think unwinding/winding the hose would be a pain.
  10. Moze

    Home Depot

    This is probably a 'your mileage may vary' deal, but my Home Depot had one of these DeWalt inflators WITH battery for $79. It was in a cart labeled "last one". Might be worth checking your local HD.
  11. As soon as you embrace it and don't view it as a problem, it becomes much easier to submit lol... Sign installation
  12. Thank you! Thank you. Yeah, the Ryobi vac is pretty decent. If a black and yellow one comes out, I'll replace it, but for now, it serves its purpose. I've got pics of my van HERE.
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