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  1. They're called Long Reach Diagonal Cutters. Irwin makes some that are nearly identical to that. There are also a few on Amazon.
  2. Saw mention of it months ago on Instagram but can't locate anything on it now. Anyone know anything...?
  3. I was thinking of it for being on the bottom of the Tstak cart but I think unwinding/winding the hose would be a pain.
  4. Moze

    Home Depot

    This is probably a 'your mileage may vary' deal, but my Home Depot had one of these DeWalt inflators WITH battery for $79. It was in a cart labeled "last one". Might be worth checking your local HD.
  5. As soon as you embrace it and don't view it as a problem, it becomes much easier to submit lol... Sign installation
  6. Thank you! Thank you. Yeah, the Ryobi vac is pretty decent. If a black and yellow one comes out, I'll replace it, but for now, it serves its purpose. I've got pics of my van HERE.
  7. ...that was the challenge. Lots of tools with not a lot of space, so had to keep everything as compact as possible. Bought five lateral filing cabinets. They work great for storage (paint, yard chemicals, automotive supplies, work supplies, etc.). I can't think of a better system - for me anyway. My larger tools fit nicely in a row up on top and are easily accessible.The shelf to the left holds the miter saw stand, both blowers, the tripod light, drill, impact, bandsaw, circular saws. The boxes are the large socket set, wall scanner, and other misc items. The tool chest on the right is a husky with a DeWalt label on it. 😇 Both cars still easily fit which was the end goal. Epoxied and flaked the floor over the last few days...hopefully that holds up.
  8. Moze

    Bolt Cutters

    I keep these on the van. Don't need something this size too often so wasn't worried about the best there was....I was more concerned about it being compact. These fit the bill perfectly. i've cut a bunch with them, they're pretty decent, priced right and fold away for storage. Plus they're black and yellow. 😎 https://www.amazon.com/ToughBuilt-TB-BC-01001A-14-Inches-Compact-Cutter/dp/B00582WQA2/ref=pd_lpo_sbs_469_t_0?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=3HD2W7K5PJJ9WZQNN2V0
  9. Thanks! The passenger versions come from the factory with limo tint on the back windows, so I only had to add it to the front. Yeah, the Tstaks work great.
  10. The van is WAY quieter than the cargo version so my intent was to have everything I needed but not do any modification if necessary to the actual van. I wanted to keep it 'travel friendly' and keep the passenger look as much as possible. I have the 2nd and 3rd rows of seats that I can put in for road trips, camping, etc. In less than 10 minutes, I can completely unload everything work related and in another 10 minutes, have the seats in and be ready to roll with up to 6 other passengers. Pretty happy with the switch. If anyone is looking for a van that will carry 4'x8' material, fit in virtually any parking garage and still be family friendly, this is a great option.
  11. Used an existing anchor point and screw to attach a bracket that I could attach the green line DeWalt laser to. It's just a bit too thick to keep in a Tstak drawer.
  12. At the back I keep my "98% cart". It's a stack of Tstaks that typically has virtually anything I need for most installs. I have a ratchet strap going through the various attachment points in the floor and it keeps the Tstaks in place when driving. The access panel on the right is removable. It's for the jack but has a ton of room for my caulk gun & silicone, some sockets, drill & tap set, etc. I put a couple of squares of the 'hook' side of Velcro on the back of the Stabila levels and they stay in place nicely on the carpeted area. Pics were taken before I mounted the hooks for the ladder and work platform....
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