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  1. Maybe so, although I couldn't feel any difference. But who knows.
  2. Yes, it has the two round filters side by side. I tested again with the two lengths of hoses and didn't notice any difference between having the longer hose attached and not....but that was just by feel.
  3. Quick, grainy video of the setup. https://photos.app.goo.gl/SqVt2ux7WodNPKsD8
  4. The below pictures show the setup I used today for drilling overhead in concrete. It worked beautifully.......except when the automatic filter clean would kick on. Then the suction ring would lose it's vacuum enough that it would drop off the ceiling. All of the pictures I can find only show it being used on a wall or floor - but no ceilings. So is this intended for overhead drilling? Maybe just NOT with a vacuum that has automatic filter cleaning? I will mention that I was using a 15' hose in addition to the 8' hose that's on the extractor. Could it be losing too much suction due to the length of the hoses? All of that aside, I'm thrilled with the setup. Once I knew it was going to lose grip, it was easy to keep an eye on it. Definitely not a deal breaker for me.
  5. Thanks all! Received the extractor today and will put it to use soon....
  6. Thanks for the response, @Mordekyle. What bags do you prefer to use?
  7. Thank you @rcarnes911 Which bags do you get and where from?
  8. I think this is worth a mention. Yes it's refurbished, but it comes with the factory warranty. eBay seller rfbdirect has the DeWalt Flexvolt extractor for $365.99 plus $27.55 shipping plus tax of $32.47, for a total of $426.01. The bare tool everywhere else is generally $429. Amazon has is currently for $395 (seller is CPO). So this comes in right at the same price as it generally sells for new.......except it includes two Flexvolt 6.0ah batteries and the DCB118 charger. Pretty great deal if you ask me. Seller has three left..
  9. Ok, I know this will obviously suck up drywall dust. But it's marketed for concrete dust and there's virtually no mention of it being used for drywall dust, which I would definitely want to use it for. Any negatives to using it for this in addition to concrete dust? In regards to the fleece bags....are those supposed to be disposable? I haven't seen a pic showing that they can be emptied. And I don't imagine the intent is to shake all of the dust out the hole it came through lol....
  10. Awesome, thank you! So on the cart, between the handle and the boxes, I keep a level and the DeWalt blower. Is there any chance you could post a couple of pics showing what kind of room there is when the hose is wrapped around the extractor? I appreciate the response and video - thanks!!
  11. Does anyone have this setup: The Tstak cart with the collapsible handle and the FlexVolt extractor/vacuum? I'm wondering if when the extractor is on the cart at the bottom with say a few Tstak drawer units on top of it, is it easy to wind the hose around the extractor for storage? Seems like it would be a pain with the handle of the cart where it is. If anyone has this setup, would you mind posting pics? Seems like most of the pictures I see, the extractor is on top which seems like it would block access to storing levels, etc. between the handle and the stack of Tstaks.
  12. Copy, thanks. Seems like you should be able to order one offline, but I guess not.
  13. Picked this up and it works with the remote but apparently doesn't come with the remote. Anyone know where it can be purchased?
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