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  1. Moze

    DeWalt 20v framing nailer

    Took mine into the repair center this morning. Told them they had just 'fixed it' but I had gotten it home and it wouldn't sink a nail. They took it into the back. Rep came out a few minutes later and said it's working fine. I asked to go back and see. Go back and the guy said the first nail didn't go all the way in. He took out the Grip-Rite's and put in DeWalt's. Said it worked perfectly. Put the Grip Rite's back in, still worked perfectly. Brought it home, still works perfectly. Weird.
  2. Moze

    DeWalt 20v framing nailer

    I acquired a brand new one on trade recently and am having the same issue. Won't completely sink a nail, the light flashes, I reset it, same results. Took it to the service center, they "fixed it". Got it home, it does the exact same thing. I'll keep bringing it back until they replace it I guess.
  3. Additional photos showing all included items. Now on eBay for $650 shipped to the lower 48. Description as follows:Reason for Selling: Simply put, I have too many cordless platforms. I've gradually been replacing my Bosch cordless tools with the DeWalt 20v and 60v platform and this is the last 18v Bosch that I have. When traveling for work, it's too much of a hassle to bring two battery platforms, multiple chargers, etc. Truth be told, I prefer this to the DeWalt that I replaced it with, but it doesn't make sense to keep using multiple platforms.This ad is for the complete kit with 'bonus' items as follows:Complete Kit (used value approx. $400):(1) GBH18V-26 SDS Plus Rotary Hammer(2) 6.0ah Batteries (practically new, I primarily used the 4.0ah's)(1) BC1880 Fast Charger(1) CaseBonus Items (used value approx. $260) :(1) 2.0ah BAT612 Battery (used value approx. $20)(4) 4.0ah BAT620 Batteries (approx. used value $40/ea., $120 total)(1) BC630 Fast Charger (approx. used value $20)(1) GDE18V-16 Dust Collector/Extractor (approx. used value $100 - only used on one job)Total approximate value for the above items is $660.I am selling for a very fair $650 SHIPPED for the complete kit and all bonus items.I have perfect feedback, so please purchase with confidence.Shipping is to the lower 48 only.
  4. Moze

    The new tripod light...

    This thing kicks butt. I don't care if it's a Milwaukee clone or not (I know the comments are coming...), it's an awesome light. This room is about 22' at the peak, measures 7'w x 19'l. It'll easily light up a whole wall or the whole roof area if pointed straight up.
  5. I've primarily used this to drill ¼" x 1" holes for drop-in anchors. It works flawlessly and is one of the best performing rotary hammers in its class and also the lightest. I'm selling because I had too many battery platforms. I've gradually replaced all of my Bosch tools with DeWalt mainly due to their Flexvolt line. I just purchased a DeWalt SDS, so this Bosch is now for sale. Pictured is the rotary hammer, dust collector, one 2.0Ah battery, four 4.0Ah batteries and two 6.0Ah batteries. Not pictured, but also for sale, are two fast chargers and the blow-molded case. The bare tool (drill ONLY), sells for around $349. The kit (drill, two 6.0Ah batteries, one charger and case) sells for around $549. I'm offering the bare tool for $275 and the kit for $475. Please note: The above pricing does NOT include the following, which are priced as follows: dust collector ($100), the one 2.0Ah battery ($25), the four 4.0Ah batteries ($50 each) or the additional charger ($40). I'm willing to mix and match, just let me know what you're interested in and we can discuss pricing. Shipping is to the lower 48 only and the rate will depend on which items are purchased.
  6. Flexvolt backpack blower
  7. Moze

    20v chain saw

    Mine leaks the bar oil as well. Odd that so many people are having this problem but it made it into production. Surely they had issues when testing. Anyway, I store mine on it's side, so the filler cap for the bar oil is facing up. At least it can't leak that way.
  8. Moze

    What tools did you buy today?

    Nice, thanks!
  9. Moze

    I love my DeWalt stuff, but...

    I've been using it for some remodeling clean up and love it. I have zero complaints.
  10. ...pretty much stole it. 3am and I couldn't sleep, so got on my phone to look at Black Friday tool deals some more. Looking around on acme.com and saw the DeWalt 20v trimmer with no price showing. It was one of those where you have to 'add to cart' to see the price. Added it to the cart and it showed $79 with a $50 Black Friday promotion, bringing it down to $29. It was apparently supposed to be $50 off the normal price of $129, which would have put it at $79, which is still a great price. Guess they realized it was a glitch and it was corrected a bit later. Anyway, added the Milwaukee 12v crown stapler, the Milwaukee hardhat-compatible headlamp and a DeWalt deep Tstak box to get free shipping. $204 for everything.
  11. Moze

    What tools did you buy today?

    @TheRLB Will that work with any cordless bandsaw (DeWalt 20v 2½")?
  12. Moze

    Crank it up !!!!!!!!

    Could have waited and avoided taxes probably, but picked one up today. $183 total...