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New Ridgid Clear Organizer

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I just wanted to add a few more pictures of the newest addition to my Ridgid modular toolbox assortment...


Side by side with the 4 or 5 year old small box/organizer:



Looks similar to the older box besides the lid:20181105_184434.thumb.jpg.9e4fd93d520299d7fc86fdbe8da6590f.jpg

Inside as originally configured:20181105_184551.thumb.jpg.3eafe7c1446153c3fc02a33e8eacbd7f.jpg

As predicted in the "What Tools Did You Buy Today", the new organizer's bins fit in the older box:20181105_184617.thumb.jpg.9c6f017074aa8f3f0ac2bda2bd79376f.jpg

Unfortunately, the older box's black dividers don't fit well in the slots of the new box; they'll probably work but a piece of plywood would be sturdier.  Notice the bend in each divider:


The smaller divider boxes are the same size, though the newer ones can be discerned by the corner notches (on right in picture).20181105_184814.thumb.jpg.b6bcd55c330b7ceb79feeb179265f06e.jpg


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