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  1. Used this again this past weekend installing some blinds. My drill was too bulkie to get in the corners of the window frame but this fit right in and easily drove screws into drywall.
  2. Thanks everybody for the positive words. I'm not gonna be doing anything too heavy duty on it. I am planning on installing a bench vise, but no plans on needing it to hold down some serious weight. I'll let y'all know how it goes during the process. I've watched a few videos on YouTube, but nothing matches exactly what I have in mind.
  3. Depending on the model but both echo and Stihl I know make conversion kits where you swap the spool for a metal blade, comes in very handy in the fall when I want to get everything cut down for winter
  4. I think if my yard was a little smaller I'd consider this battery power just for the ease of use. Until they can get run times up over an hour cutting grass then I'm gonna have to pass.
  5. I love my Honda, they are pricy but we'll worth the money in my opinion. Ive had craftsman most of my childhood and I do not miss having to fight with the mower every time I needed to cut the grass. One feature I really enjoy on mine is the blade clutch, I bag all the time so being able to keep the mower running as I dump grass is a nice nice feature. I've been running trufuel in mine because no place in my town sells ethanol free fuel, stuff is stupid expensive but hopefully using it keeps the motor in good shap. starts first pull every time and cuts the grass really well.
  6. Once it finally cools down a little I'm looking to build a perminant work bench out in my little shop. I'm sure I will have several questions thru the build so I thought I'd just start a thread to keep it all together. my shop has cynderblock walls and a concrete slab, I'm planning on it making an "L" shape using one side as a bench to do a little bit of everything on and on the other side use it as, more of a desk where I can sit and clean my guns or build small objects. My initial questions are do you recommend mounting the bench directly to the wall for added stability or more of a free standing bench? I was also wanting to throw up on one "back splash" of the bench a peg board along the wall where I can hang a lot of my power tools and other hand tools so they are nice and handy but I wasn't sure if y'all knew of something a little bit better than that.
  7. Looking at building a work bench out in my little shop and I've been looking for a quality bench vise that isn't made in china. These are super nice, thanks for introducing them
  8. I've had mine for over a year, I've been in the process of changing all electrical outlets and light switches in my house. It's worked great, the light has been erratic hear lately but still works right 95% of the time. I also picked up the 8v flash light which has been super handy too. I doubt dewalt comes out with more but I'd love a few smaller items in the 8v line
  9. what type of tester are you talking about? I have this one, would it work?:http://www.homedepot.com/p/Klein-Tools-Voltage-Tester-ET50/202498056
  10. I'm currently in the process of swapping out the light switches in a house I recently moved into, the only problem is the 3 way light switches seem to be getting the better of me. I installed them the exact way they were installed on the old switch and I c can't get them to work right. Does anybody know of some rule of thumb for changing them out?
  11. Not directly related to this, but I recently purchased a home that was built in 59 and I have 3 light switches in the hallway that I can't figure out what they go to. Is there any tool similar to this but for a light switch that will tell me what circuit it's going to?
  12. I own two yetis. They are top notch on quality, but the downside is they are pretty heavy when empty so once loaded with ice and beverages it can be a bit of a work out. I have their bag I use for work and live it, less bulkie and a lot lighter. But the walls are still 1" thick and this thing won't leak
  13. Get a yeti...not black and yellow but keep stuff nice and cold
  14. I have a question about using the corded version of this, how do y'all think it would work hooked up to the dws580 for dust extraction? Would it be a waste of money or would it be vastly better than just using the bag. I don't really have the cash to buy the big brother dewalt dwv012.
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