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  1. Shop rack tubing is fine for a static load in a garage. But in a mobile situation the tube walls are thin, short and are splined together with plastic joints. The mounting brackets are for lag bolting to wood studs. I recommend buying 1" full length tubing to roll your own.
  2. How deep is the hole on the hex driver end? Looks like a telescoping ratcheting screwdriver.
  3. Holes appear to be the same on those found on the Porter Cable plunge bases. Any of the Microfence attachments for cutting circles should fit.
  4. (DWS5031) DEWALT Router TrackSaw Guide Adapter uses the included adapter that is marked for 690 & 890 series routers. Adapter kit works with multiple brands of routers and tracks.
  5. Maybe the Universal Edge Guide with Dust Collection. It comes with multiple rod sizes.
  6. WorkShop bracket vs DS Carrier bracket. Both are interchangeable on 1" square tubing with pin holes. WorkShop bracket is 100% nylon plastic with a very small nipple for height registration. It's largely a friction fit that keeps it from sliding down the tube. DS brackets have metal hinge pins, a full size registration pin and heavy duty hardware with nylock lock nut.
  7. They are. I use them both on shop racks.
  8. DCBL720 is an old design that predates the Flexvolt tool line. Some of the new FV batteries are much larger as you have found. Dewalt now also sells a FV blower.
  9. Carrier brackets are much heavier duty than the shop brackets. I have lots of both. Carrier are made for mobile usage and also fold away. Shop brackets are for static shelving and do not fold away.
  10. Roll your own using ToughSystem DS Carrier Brackets and 1" square tubing.
  11. Los Gatos used to make one. The adaptor alone was $250. I think they went out of business.
  12. Everything I've seen out of the 2.0 system has been a step backwards for their storage boxes.
  13. Finally mated the DCS374 saw with a SWAG Portaband Table and DeWalt DWX725B Heavy Duty Work Stand. Making my metalworking tools more portable, so that I can set them up closer to where I happen to be welding that day.
  14. I've have 30 year old cordless Makita 9.6V tools that still work as good as new. The tools last. But the batteries and chargers don't.
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