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Remote disconnect/automation


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This probably is a dumb question to ask here but maybe someone has a brilliant idea or has come across a similar situation.

I'm an electrician and while I've done integration and fancy stuff with Lutron and others this is slightly unique as I don't want it to be complicated but I do want it to work.

The Situation...

Homeowner had his ATV stolen and is worried someone will jack a boat off his dock next. So he wants something that will disable 50A lift, 30A lift, and 15A plug. If he could also disable the ignition for the boat that would be an awesome bonus.

My initial thought is intercepting the mains and using a Lutron Caseta switch to turn on/off the things using a relay. 3 things so 3 switches. Interface would be the wireless interface using a phone or tablet. No pass codes or buttons or whatever on the dock. And since everything would be inside and disabled from there you couldn't bypass anything by taking things apart.

You could go all the way and totally automate the lift and everything but I don't think that's necessary or a really practical solution. Sometimes you want it at different levels and the lake can be very high or very low so yeah. Over complicated and not good.

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Don't know much about that but I would advise not to have it in the ignition, my buddy's car had an ignition security thing linked to the fuel pump, well something messed up and the pump locked itself and then messed up, long story short he had to have a new ignition and fuel pump


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Why is that a dumb question to ask here? Because it's too specific to electrical work.... 

But the thing is, how is he getting his atv back?

Use switches to disable the circuits with wireless controls, so.....sounds good! 

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I can help you on disabling the boats ignition. There's a product by Coban that I use frequently that would be perfect. It'll just need a a half dozen or so connections, but could be bypassed IF someone really knew the wiring of that particular boat. He can enable and disable it by text message, it will alert him by text also if there's any attempt to start it and/or any other electrical connection that you set up is made or broken. It will also alert him by text if the battery goes weak or if the unit itself is disconnected from the boat's electrical system.

If it is somehow stolen, he can track it by GPS to it's exact location with a pretty good degree of accuracy. It's also possible for him to call the unit and hear what's going on in the boat via an onboard microphone that's easily concealed.

The unit itself is quite small, and will have an external cell antenna and a GPS antenna. The GPS antenna works best if it has a direct line of sight to the sky but it will work through plastic, fiberglass and wood, just not metal. 

Sound expensive? It's about $35, and takes me about an hour to install plus 30-45 minutes to set everything up.

I've opened this thing up, and the build quality looks pretty damn good to me. I've been using them a little less than a year but so far I have experienced 100% reliability. I believe that reviews of this product who had failures, had them due to problems with installation, using t-taps etc. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00KNR2YZ4/ref=ox_sc_saved_image_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A42WYOX46OM98 

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