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i was wondering what yours guys opinion on removing cutback is.

long story short some bleach with water got under the floating laminate and now there's this awful smell. 

i removed the floor threw out the unnderlayment and seen the black adhesive on the slab, before i jump on Google i scrape some

off and smelled it.  definitely smells like something not sure what but I think it's what's making me sick. the whole room

has a kinda moldy smell now but after spending sometime in the room my throat and chest start to feel irritated which makes me believe I'm breathing in some kind of fumes or something. 


so now i have no clue wht to do should i just tile over ? try n scrape some off ? 


can cutback grow mold? or is it the bleach that's reacting with the adhesive?

i dont want to tile n still have that smell but im also worried about throwing asbestos around .


there are no vinyl tiles the black adhesive was use to glue down hardwood floors . the house was built in 1950 

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