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Wilton CS4


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As I was talking about in another thread, I received a Wilton CS4 4" cross slide drill press vise for Christmas. I've wanted a good drill press vise for some time, and was really excited about finally getting one.


However, there was an issue with the vise. One of the collars was damaged out of the box. The vise was purchased from CPO and while the box was a little banged up, it was nothing unusual for such a heavy item.  I found it odd that the collar appears to have been broken from an internal force. I suppose if it were cracked on the outside, the force of the screws holding it in could have caused it to bow out, but it certainly looked odd. The rest of the vise appears un-damaged.






I'm a big fan of Wilton and fully expect them to make this right. I emailed Customer Service a very detailed description and asked only that they ship a replacement collar. I would rather not go through the hassle of shipping the whole thing back and am willing and able to make the repair myself.


I'll keep everyone updated as to how this situation plays out ?

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Got a response from Wilton this morning. I'll give them 5 stars for speed of response. I just emailed them 10 minutes before I posted this thread, so that's pretty good turnaround.


This is the response I got:


Thanks for writing,


We will need an receipt and where it was purchased from, thanks




DeWayne St. Laurent

Internet Support/ASC Administrator

Direct (800) 274-6848

Fax    (888) 605-2101

Email – dstlaurent@jpwindustries.com


I explained to them that this was a gift, but I suppose I'll have to get them a receipt before they'll talk to me. Shouldn't be an issue. Rules are rules I suppose 

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I've exchanged several emails with Wilton today. They had an issue viewing the receipt I attached, but as soon as we got that cleared up, they agreed to ship a new collar out ASAP.


Can't get over their promptness. In all but 1 instance they responded to my emails within 5 minutes. Inconvenient as it is to receive a broken tool, Wilton really came through in the customer service department.


I'll keep adding to the thread as I make the repair.

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After removing the broken collar and getting more acquainted with the vise, I can see now how it could break during shipping, but it would have taken a direct drop. It's not something that could have happened by just bumping around. 


Even the the screws are badly bent. Hope they send new ones with the part.

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Replacement parts were in the mailbox this morning. They sent the whole assembly, so now I have an extra lead screw and crank handle.


After about 5 minutes the vise was fully functional. I checked everything out thoroughly and no other damage is there. 


Have to commend Wilton for their customer service. Very fast in rectifying the problem.







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