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  1. Thanks guys. He has T-Cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma. It’s a pretty rare and typically aggressive form of Lymphoma. He’d been having respiratory issues for several months and we’d had him to the doctor several times. They were leaning toward a severe form of asthma, but upon further testing the found a giant 6” mass in his chest that was putting pressure on his lungs, heart, and airway, and also created a lot of fluid buildup in his upper body. As as soon as we found out it was cancer I had him transferred to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, which is the top pediatric cancer hospital
  2. Been looking at the Air Lift kits, but Conductor JR. was diagnosed with cancer so my plans have pretty much been shelved 😢
  3. Well, the weather didn’t exactly cooperate, but I managed to persevere. Alignment yielded slight adjustments and I had the tires rebalanced for good measure. Dual stabilizer was much simpler to install than I anticipated. Only took about 45 minutes and would have been less if you’re one of those guys that disregards torque specs. I For the shocks, leveling kit, damper, and dual stabilizer, and undercoating supplies I’m into this suspension overhaul around $800 but let me tell you what, it’s like a whole different truck. It still rides like a to
  4. Made a little more progress today. Got the leveling kit install, new Bilstein 5100’s on the front, and a Bilstein steering damper for good measure. Front shocks weren’t as bad as the rear. A full compression on the front shocks took 17-19 seconds to fully recover. The Bilsteins take 4-5. If you think about it, that’s an improved response of nearly 300% The whole install was really simple. Total time was about 3 hours, but if I’d had all my tools and shit laid out ahead of time, I could have probably done it in 2. The damper was a simple swap. Took about 30
  5. So my F-350 is my favorite truck I’ve ever owned. While I have several upgrades planned, I got started on it this week. No way to avoid rust where I’m from. It wansn’t too bad aside from the 5th wheel mount, but what was there was driving me crazy. I took a whole day going over the undercarriage with a needle scaler and a wire wheel, and coating in a rust converter. Came back today and painted it. Also got around to putting the new shocks on the back. Tremendous improvement in stability. Took the bounce out of the rear end.
  6. Thanks Chris. This is my second Super Duty. The first one was a 7.3 regular cab and was a casualty of a growing family. If it had been a crew or xtra cab I would have driven it until the wheels fell off.
  7. Just bought this beast a few months back, so I’m not in the market for a long time: Here’s my take on the diesel argument. The Bad: $10,000 is a hefty option. The additional maintenance cost is real, but overstated. $89 oil change plus $20 in Diesel Exhaust Fluid every oil change. $80 for fuel filters every other oil change, so you’re looking at probably 3x’s the cost of per oil change. To maintain proper load capacity you’ll need Load Range E tires. Those aren’t cheap either, but you can find them that aren’t insane. Diesel is more than gas, bu
  8. I realize I’m chiming in a little late, but it boils down to this. Dewalt RULED the market in the later Ni-Cad days. They had the attitude that if it wasn’t broke, why fix it? After watching Milwaukee completely bomb their first attempt at jumping to a non-backwards compatible Lithium platform (V Series) and royally pissing off everybody in the process, they were rightfully reluctant to mess with what they had. They produced a Lithium battery that would mount up to their 18v stick pack tools only to be sued and ultimately lost the lawsuit that resulted in the discontinu
  9. It’s pretty cool man. Now I look back at all of the stuff I’ve cut out with jig saws and band saws where this would have yielded so much better results. Delta makes a scroll comparable to the 788 that runs in the $450 range.There was one on eBay NIB for $200 earlier today, but somebody done snagged it. Another saw I considered was the Porter Cable PCB375SS. It’s a similar, more entry level saw and can be had for a hair over $200 with a light, stand, and free shipping. https://www.tylertool.com/porter-cable-pcb375ss-1-6-amp-18-in--variable-speed-scroll-saw-w
  10. I don’t know if you need it shop mobile or job site mobile, but I’ve got my planer on the 7350 stand and like it a lot. Mine only moves around the shop, but for that it’s been great. Not much more of a footprint than the folding stand and no set up/take down at all.
  11. A year or so ago I had about $600 to burn on tools and really had no pressing needs. I debated a metal cutting bandsaw, but ultimately decided on a decent quality scroll saw. In the days of CNC, scroll saws are fundamentally obsolete, but I had a lot of fun as a kid playing with dad’s old Craftsman scroll, and I do enough crafty shit to make some use of it, so I said what the hell. After a bit of research, I decided that the Dewalt 788 was the best bang for the buck in my price range. It’s made in Canada by Somerville who also makes the high end Excalibur saws, was wel
  12. Guess I didn’t pay close enough attention. Mine has the rollers, but I assumed that was mostly because it is also billed as a planer stand.
  13. The pawn shops around here are hit or miss. I’m one of those guys that stops by once a month and only bites on the real gems. They had this thing marked $300. I offered $125 and they didn’t even argue. I don’t need to torque anything over 150 ft-lb often enough to ever justify paying anything in the same universe as retail, but it comes up often enough for it to be worth having one. They had a 1200 ft-lb model they use to torque roof bolts in the mines, but that just seemed to be a little overkill 😂
  14. While everyone else is bitching about the Pipeline coming through town, I’m buying the unused $500+ 3/4” Proto torque wrench they pawned for $125 😉 Couple months they’ll pawn all kinds of high dollar shit that I’ll be able to pick up for peanuts
  15. I got the same stand on my 780. Love it!
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