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Makita 36 brushless blower


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Looking to see if there are any specs on the makita XBUO2 36 volt blower while running on 6.0 AH batteries.

i have noticed the price has dropped on this blower on a couple of sites too $219.00 for bare tool.

When  powered by (2) 5.0 ah batteries it claims to have 29 minutes of runtime on setting #3 and would spin at 15,800 rpms on this setting.

Im curious to know if anyone knows what the runtime would be on the highest setting with (2) 6.0 ah batteries?

Would like to compare to other blowers.


thanks guys 

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14 to 15 minutes.


Keep in mind that the highest setting is very unpractical unless the leaves are wet and soaked. 


On highest setting this leaf blower moves more air then most ( if not all ) handheld gas blowers so dry leaves will rush upwards at full blow instead of only being pushed forward.

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4 hours ago, JMG said:

I've been using mine with 4ah batteries as they were on sale several times this season. Just can't bring myself to buy into the 5 or 6ah batteries at their current price point.

I totally agree with you John, I was able to snag (2) 6.AH batteries from EBay for $185.00 before Christmas. I thought that was a good price.

how do you like the Blower, and how's it run with the 4.0 batteries? 

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At one point I got three 4ah for approx. $124 from International Tool. I haven't purchased anything from eBay in a long time. As far as the blower, it's an excellent tool. I use it for leaves and light snow. Does a great job clearing the walks as long s the snow isn't the heavy wet stuff. Generally run it on setting 4 or 5 and get over ten minutes run time. Right around ten minutes run time on level six.

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